What Can My Six-Year-Old Do All Day?

Every once in awhile, we get in a creative box around here and the kids get into the habit of asking for TV, kindles, and video games to occupy their time. When they start shifting interets too much to electronics, I get nervous, because like every parent, I know too... read more

2016 Black Friday Sale

This year, my oldest daughter Christina and I put our heads together to figure out how we could be a blessing to the biggest number of families this year during the holidays. We launched our new website, Homeschool Black Friday in an effort to support our publishing... read more

Review: Homeschool Legacy : Christmas Comes to America

I had the pleasure of reviewing a  Once-a-Week Unit Study: Christmas Comes to America from Homeschool Legacy as part of the Homeschool Review Crew. This was a precious e-book that came to me via email. I had the option of choosing that one or any of the following:... read more

Review: Accountable2you Group Plan

Accountable2You has given us a one year subscription to the Accountable2You, which is a reporting program that let’s you install their apps on your phone or computer and choose an accountability partner. This program is supposed to send your partner alerts when... read more

Review: Kwik Stix Metallic and Neon

My daughter, Rebecca and granddaughter Autumn (both age 4) loved making some Christmas decorations using the beautiful Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. company. We try to spend extra time doing Christmas activities in the 60 Days leading up to Christmas, using... read more

Gifts That Stand the Test of Time

Each year at Christmas and again on birthdays our children will get several gifts- one from us, one from each set of grandparents, and a few others occasionally. 25 years into parenting and I have found that SOME gifts stay wonderful for years after the gift is given,... read more

30 Things To Do With a Back Injury

A few weeks ago I hurt my back, and I have had very limited movement since. For the most part I can sit up, lay in certain very uncomfortable positions and move around very little. At first I was sorta shocked by my inability to get up and live my normal life, so I... read more

Review: Middlebury Interactive Language

As a member of the Homeschool Review Crew, I received a complimentary membership for Middlebury Interactive Languages. Daniel (6) got the pleasure of reviewing Elementary Spanish 1 (Grades K-2). Middlebury offers numerous foreign language courses, taught online. When... read more

Annoying Photo Printing!

Today I spent a good amount of time ordering photos of our family for Christmas gifts. This should have been a 20 minute task, but instead, here’s what went wrong: The CD all our pictures were on were not recognizable by our computer I added them to our Amazon... read more

Review: Educeri Lesson Subcription Service

As a member of the TOS review crew, I have been given a subscription to Educeri Lesson Subscription Service from Educeri …….  Educeri a division of DataWORKS.   Educeri is a tool for teachers. It has lessons (suitable for common core if your school... read more

Rebecca’s 4th Birthday Party (Watermelon Theme)

Our family has the tradition of letting the birthday person pick their favorite meal for birthday dinner. Rebecca declared she wanted “Eggs and Watermelon.”   Obviously this was not going to be quite a pleasing meal to everyone, so I added in biscuits... read more

Four Home Remedies for Coughs/Colds/Sore Throats

Anne Mary and I have been sick with racking coughs and last week we finally had enough. We decided to try four remedies …. LIVE. on Facebook. We want to try things, but we are also real people with real taste buds- so those people who gallantly tell you to eat... read more

Review: The Cat of Bubastes by Heirloom Audio Productions

  It was with great excitement that we accepted the opportunity to review The Cat of Bubastes audiobook from Heirloom Audio Productions. I have SIX amazing children, five of which still live at home. And every one of them is blessedly a voracious reader. But I am... read more

Review: Spencer Learning Ultimate Phonics Reading Program

  For the past several weeks I have been able to review Ultimate Phonics Reading Program from Spencer Learning. I decided to try to use it with my daughter, Rebecca (3, almost 4) who is just beginning to learn phonics. This is downloadable software.  Tech... read more

Saving Money While on a Cruise

My husband has been very committed to the idea of he and I taking an extravagant vacation together to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. So, when Black Friday came around last year, he watched prices and booked us on a 7 night Royal Caribbean Cruise. I really had... read more

Review: The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

As part of the TOS Review Crew, I have been given an opportunity to review the book, The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles by Mark S. MIrza, from CTM Publishing Atlanta.    The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles by Mark S. MIrza is an engaging book from CTM Publishing... read more

Hillsong Giveaway-Let Hope Rise :WIN TICKETS

A couple of months ago, I had the delightful experience to go and see Hillsong’s upcoming movie, Let Hope Rise that opens SEPTEMBER 16, 2016!! This movie was inspiring, uplifting, and in the film it was evident that this group of singers/performers/song writers,... read more

Review: Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition

Our family is having a great time reviewing Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition from Apologia Educational Ministries! We were sent the Astronomy textbook, the Notebooking Journal (Being used by David, age 11) and the Junior Notebooking Journal (Being used... read more

Daniel- Grade One

Well, it’s the beginning of another school year,and even though I have done lots of “this is what we use for this grade” posts over the years, I am always tweaking thinks for subsequent children. Here’s a list of what we use for Daniel for... read more

GREATER Movie Review and Thank a Coach!

Grace Hill Media has given me the opportunity to review the movie: GREATER From the producer: GREATER is an inspirational movie based on the life of Brandon Burlsworth. Brandon had one dream – to play for the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Unfortunately, Brandon was a clumsy... read more

Save HUGE on College Textbooks

Looking for ways to reduce college expenses? Don’t overlook the high expense of college textbooks. This year my daughters have enrolled in classes that required books ranging from $4 (used paperback on Amazon) to $300 (textbook requiring the newest edition).... read more

Kroger ClickList, My Experience

This is not a paid or affiliate post- although it may seem like it after what I have to say. Kroger Clicklist has come to our town and about 10 weeks ago, I decided to give it a try. First, you set up an online Kroger account, and include your Kroger card, phone,... read more

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