Why You Should Register for your Baby at Amazon

Ok, I admit it- it seems new-fangled and impersonal to create a baby registry online. Here’s why I am BEGGING you to do it anyway. A lovely friend of mine recently had a beautiful baby shower. And of course, she registered for the things she wanted and needed... read more

Reading Challenge Update

At the beginning of the year I committed to read 52 books. I know I read a fair amount, but I often have several books going at once, and some books never get finished. But this challenge had helped me stick with just one book through completion (for the most part)... read more

Why I Use the FREE Cozi App PLUS a Paper Calendar

Once a week I sit down with my calendar and sync it up with my calendar app, Cozi. My paper calendar is my place where I think. I have it with me most of the time when I am home, and sometimes when I am out of the house as well. I brainstorm there, take notes, make... read more

Making Money As an Author Guest Post by Melanie Young

Have you ever thought about becoming an author? Malia said she was focusing on ways to bring in income from home this month and I immediately thought, “Become an author!” I really never dreamed I’d be one. I do remember thinking as I read the Christmas letter Hal had... read more

Reading Challenge: A Lantern in Her Hand

This weeks book from the reading challenge is the book: Lantern in Her Hand. This meets the requirement for a book about an interesting woman. Kindle | Hardcover | Paperback I know this book is marketed to middle school children, but as a woman in my 40s this book is... read more

A Dog’s Purpose- Win a Fandango Gift Card{Expired}

I was in the theater with my family watching a movie and saw the trailer for this fictional film based on the beloved bestselling novel by W. Bruce Cameron, A DOG’S PURPOSE, is a sweet and lovable family film that shares the soulful and surprising story of one devoted... read more

Book Challenge: Eight Cousins

This weeks reading challenge book is Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott. (Author of Little Women and Little Men). Kindle | Paperback The Popsugar reading challenge has categories that you seek, and this one is a book with a red binding. I had a few on the shelf, and... read more

Shopping List by Colleen Langenfeld

Grocery Shopping List Power — Step 1 In Saving Grocery Money By Colleen Langenfeld A grocery shopping list can be the front line tool you use in saving money on your grocery budget each month. There are several more sophisticated ways to save grocery money, but... read more

Book Challenge Reading: Sycamore Row by John Grisham

As part of the reading challenge, I committed to reading a book each week. I used to read Grisham books as they were written, then for years switched to only reading nonfiction. But for our wedding anniversary cruise earlier this year, I bought two of his books to... read more

Reading Challenge, week 1: Present Over Perfect

The Reading Challenge we are doing as a family has begun. The first book for the year, and one very fitting for my stage in life was: Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living. Kindle | Hardcover | Paperback | Audible This... read more

Income From Home: Air B&B

Several months ago I went to a friend’s beautiful home and she shared with me that her family had started an Air B&B in her home. Basically, they rent out unused space in their home to strangers. This seemed intriguing to me. We had a largish space in our... read more

2017 Reading Challenge

Have you heard of doing reading challenges? One of the challenges of motherhood is finding time to actually read a book. So when my daughters, Anne, Sarah and Christina all decided to do reading challenges, I decided to join them. So here are the details: Christina... read more

My Favorite Planner for 2017

After YEARS of tweaks and changes, I have consistently used and loved the same brand of planner for the past three years. Based on a few pictures online a few years ago, I took a chance and bought my first “Tools4Wisdom” planner.   I really have no... read more

Uses for the Echo Dot

I love trying new technology. It’s my one weakness (bonus points if you know the reference for that quote). So, yes, when the Echo Dot went on Black Friday sale for $39, I bought one and had it shipped. I ordered mine in white.  It arrived the next day, using... read more

What Can My Six-Year-Old Do All Day?

Every once in awhile, we get in a creative box around here and the kids get into the habit of asking for TV, kindles, and video games to occupy their time. When they start shifting interets too much to electronics, I get nervous, because like every parent, I know too... read more

Review: Homeschool Legacy : Christmas Comes to America

I had the pleasure of reviewing a  Once-a-Week Unit Study: Christmas Comes to America from Homeschool Legacy as part of the Homeschool Review Crew. This was a precious e-book that came to me via email. I had the option of choosing that one or any of the following:... read more

Review: Accountable2you Group Plan

Accountable2You has given us a one year subscription to the Accountable2You, which is a reporting program that let’s you install their apps on your phone or computer and choose an accountability partner. This program is supposed to send your partner alerts when... read more

Review: Kwik Stix Metallic and Neon

My daughter, Rebecca and granddaughter Autumn (both age 4) loved making some Christmas decorations using the beautiful Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. company. We try to spend extra time doing Christmas activities in the 60 Days leading up to Christmas, using... read more

Gifts That Stand the Test of Time

Each year at Christmas and again on birthdays our children will get several gifts- one from us, one from each set of grandparents, and a few others occasionally. 25 years into parenting and I have found that SOME gifts stay wonderful for years after the gift is given,... read more

30 Things To Do With a Back Injury

A few weeks ago I hurt my back, and I have had very limited movement since. For the most part I can sit up, lay in certain very uncomfortable positions and move around very little. At first I was sorta shocked by my inability to get up and live my normal life, so I... read more

Review: Middlebury Interactive Language

As a member of the Homeschool Review Crew, I received a complimentary membership for Middlebury Interactive Languages. Daniel (6) got the pleasure of reviewing Elementary Spanish 1 (Grades K-2). Middlebury offers numerous foreign language courses, taught online. When... read more

Annoying Photo Printing!

Today I spent a good amount of time ordering photos of our family for Christmas gifts. This should have been a 20 minute task, but instead, here’s what went wrong: The CD all our pictures were on were not recognizable by our computer I added them to our Amazon... read more

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