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family collageThank you for stopping by our website. Duncan and I have six terrific children so far: Christina, 25, Sarah, 17, Anne Mary, 14, David, 10, Daniel, 5, and Rebecca, 2..  We have also been blessed with our first granddaughter, Autumn, just fifteen days younger than Rebecca. We live in Louisville Kentucky. We have home educated our children since 2000. We are Bible believing Christians, and believe that God’s word as revealed through the Bible is true and accurate and the source of all good wisdom. We hope you will find encouragement through this website in the areas of homemaking, home educating, and parenting. We have included some pictures so that you can see the faces behind the names.

If you find our information encourages you, feel free to sign up for our newsletter or check out a few of our products. We have self-published all our materials and the income from these allows us to continue our dream of being a single income family, while being good stewards of the gifts and talents God has given to us. This has truly been a “learn as we go” experience. We are learning all about web page design, blogging, website optimization, book publishing, producing CDs and MP3s….things that in our youth did not even exist! Duncan continues to work full time in the “real world” while helping me at night as I stumble through the world of technology. We are having a good time learning and find your encouraging comments a constant source of delight for us. Please feel free to leave a note as you visit.

May God bless your family and give you strength and encouragement!

Malia Russell, Director



Our Privacy Policy:

We NEVER share or sell our customer data or newsletter subscribers to anyone at anytime. If you give us your name, address, phone number and email address in relation to any order, comment, newsletter sign-up, you can be assured we respect your privacy and will NOT share it.

Please understand that anything you share in a comment on our site is not private information. Others can and will see it. However, when your email is required to verify your posting, we will never share than information or use it to email you or add you to any email list other than sending you follow-up comments on a post if you select that option.

Advertising Disclosure:

Homemaking 911 DOES use advertising throughout our blog including affiliate links, side bar ads, and sponsored posts. When you click through our links and make a purchase, we may make a small commission. This will help support the costs of this blog including internet fees, staff, advertising, and other expenses.

We do receive free products and services in exchange for our honest reviews. You can be sure the opinions are our own. When we write reviews it is after we have used the product in our home with our family.

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