Homemaking Essentials- The Things Every Homemaker Should Know

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  • How to make a budget – If this is something brand new to you, start with a simple budget like this: Dave Ramsey Simple Budget. Most people take a few months before they have this process down. Start right away and budget in time to look it over each week or month and make adjustments as you go.

  • How to use a schedule or calendar

Create a FREE Cozi account for the whole family today, and keep your family’s schedules and lists organized in one shared calendar.

  • How to cook for a small or large group – Choose one Comprehensive cookbook from the store or from the library and begin making one special meal at a time from it, perhaps twice a week. If you love a recipe, make note of it in your meal plan binder, or in Cozi, wherever you do your meal planning.
  • How to clean (Laundry, dishes, floors,walls). This will come most naturally with experience. If you need specific cleaning instructions for a particular item, start by reading the labels on the item (as in laundry) or read product labels for use. These should tell you what the product cleans as well as how much water will be needed for using the product safely.

  • How to sew – Look for a beginner or basic sewing class at a craft store near you.
  • How to show hospitality – Find some people who do this well and ask if they can teach you a bit about it. Then, start by extending an invitation to one or two friends, then build up to larger groups as you are comfortable. The heart of hospitality is to choose to serve others, and to invite them into your private space to do so.

  • Basic Childcare – This you must learn from experience. Consider taking a Red Cross babysitting course, or offer to help a mother to gain experience. You can also volunteer in church nursery under the guidance of an experienced worker.
  • Basic First Aid/Healthcare – Check here for information on Essential Oils– which is what our family uses for all every day ailments and general first aid. The Red Cross offers basic first aid tips and training here. You can take some time to read and study, as well as make some ready-references for yourself. For example, we always keep the phone number to poison control in our kitchen cabinet. When we had young children, we kept guidelines for how to help with a choking infant or toddler.

  • Repair and Maintenance of Home Machines. Every machine used in our homes is subject to routine repairs and breakage. When you buy a new item, be sure to read the manual for any required maintenance. Add those items into your Cozi Calendar to keep on top of those things, which can cause costly repair if not properly and regularly serviced. Also, store the manuals in one place- so you can always find one if you need a repair. As problems come up, research and document. If you have to hire help, ask if you can observe.

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  1. caroline

    One area I have always been quite good at is organising my budget and sticking to it. Sometimes i overspend, but not often!

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