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One of my favorite Youtubers, Jordan Page talks about identifying “Pain Points” in your house. One of my pain points was my youngest daughter’s bed. She is eight, and she shares a room with her 20-year-old sister. When I redid their bedroom, I made a tactical error. I bought them matching bedding. The matching part was not the problem. Rebecca (8) had a twin bed, that was a tad lower to the ground. Anne Mary (20) has a XL twin that sat up a bit higher. So the bedding that worked perfectly for the taller, longer bed was always dragging on the ground around Rebecca’s bed and always looked untidy.

What’s more, because the bedding dragged all over the floor, under the bed became a very untidy storage place. Then, with the bedding draping everywhere it would “leak out” around the bed, making it a tripping hazard.

Then I saw the ad for Beddy’s and thought it might be the perfect solution. If you have not seen these, They basically zip all around the bed, rather than hanging around it.

I ordered one for Rebecca for her birthday. You can see from the first picture what it looked like all around her bed, and under her bed.

Now, with under the bed area exposed to the world, she could quickly see the problem and we spent the morning decluttering and tidying, and finding good places for her things that did not involve her bedroom floor.

As I suspected, this resolved the problem entirely, and their bedroom is now once again pleasant and tidy.

She loves the bedding! I ordered her the minky lining and she says it is the “softest thing she has ever touched” (Dramatic 8-year-old response).

So, the pain point, I had labeled “Girls’ bedroom” has now been eliminated! It feels GREAT to take that off the list!

After trying it for several weeks, I also ordered one for my granddaughter. She chose a grey colored one. Their home is heated by wood in the winter and it can get a bit chilly at night. The ability to zip that up will be a huge benefit in the warmth department! They do have all kinds of colors and patterns, but I was trying to select one that would not be a big change for their bedroom and would match what her sister already uses.

What’s really terrific, I get to give my readers a $50 off coupon (Use THAT LINK) if you decide to get one! We bought this for Rebecca and my granddaughter (8) as their birthday gifts!

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