52 Ways to Save Time: Stop Wasting It

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52 Ways to Save Time

Ok, I admit it.  At times I get on the computer just to send an email, or check the bank balance, or to send a quick note to someone, or to pay a bill, and I get distracted.  I end up there longer than I like, and I end up wasting precious time.  I realized this was a problem, and it became even more clear to me as I read through the book: Unwired Mom by Sarah Mae.  If you are interested, you can see my blog post about that here.

As part of the #Unwired mom challenge, I added a program to my computer that would limit my time on certain time-sucking sites.  Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. Amazon.  The nice thing is, it is fully customizable.  If you are fine with the amount of time you spend on Pinterest, but not facebook, you can limit one and not the other.  If you have other sites where you drain too much time, you can add those as well.

So, I installed it on my computer.  At first I limited myself to ten minutes of social media time a day, and BOY- did it FLY by fast. After I became accustomed to it, I did increase my time a bit, but it is still not unlimited, and still not as much as I used to do. If you use Google Chrome, you install it right on your toolbar.  If you use another browser, there is probably something similar out there for you. 


Want to see other ways to save time? http://www.homemaking911.com/2013/01/19/52-ways-to-save-time-a-new-series/


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