Going #UnWired Based on The UnWired Mom by Sarah Mae

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Yes, you read that right. But what does it mean?
No, I am not unplugging the whole family- although that may happen at some point during this challenge- but what it does mean is that if there is any ounce of me that is addicted to the electronic universe, I am going to break that addiction.
I want to be a mommy who lives FULLY engaged to the world around me. I don’t want to blow the one chance I have to raise my children intentionally- without looking back and wondering if my best paretning moments were lost because I was lost in an electronic sea of data/people/personality/images other than those of the people around me.

So, here goes….I am embarking on day 1 of the UnWired Mom Challenge TOMORROW!

My reason WHY: http://www.homemaking911.com/2013/08/13/the-reason-why-i-want-to-be-an-unwired-mom/

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