52 Ways to Save Time -A New Series

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52 Ways to Save TimePeople are always asking me how I find the time to do all that I do.  The fact is, I do not do a whole lot more than most homeschool moms I know do. But I have, over the years, found ways to save time so that I am more efficient. When I asked my friends and  readers what they needed help with- the number one response was TIME MANAGEMENT. That got me motivated to share time saving tips with my readers.  Some of these may be familiar to you.  You may already use them, you may have used them in the past, or they may be brand new.  Either way, hopefully together we can apply some of these techniques in our ever-elusive goal of having more time.

One thing you should know from the very beginning is that the Lord does not give us more to do than he gives us TIME to do.  If you find yourself always unable to complete the tasks you have on hand, it is very likely you may be doing some things the Lord is not calling you to do.  Dear, if He calls you to do it, He will equip you, assuming you are not filling your time with things that are not from him.

This is not to guilt trip you if you are falling behind, but rather to give you a point to pray upon.  If you are constantly overwhelmed, overworked, over-committed, go before the Lord in prayer and ask him how He would have you spend your time, and start systematically eliminating everything else.   This can be painful at the time, but the fruit will be well worth it.

Are you eager to get started changing your habits to save some time?  I know I am!  Let’s go!

Here is the first one: http://www.homemaking911.com/2013/01/19/52-ways-to-save-time-simplify-your-kids-wardrobes/



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