The #UnWired Mom Challenge- Have an UnWired Day/Meet with a Friend

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This was tougher than I thought. I have a business online and I was working really hard to get things together for the beginning of the school year.  I have never been a Pintrest addict, but I was using it to get together some fun preschool ideas for Daniel.  I have to admit I am not creative, but I can copy other people’s creativity and enjoy it. But I did finall yfind a day to be #unwired

and I combined it with another challenge:

To get together with a real life friend.

I have been trying to be really intentional about leaving my phone sitting on the counter away from me, and not living with it as an appendage. I have also made a point of leaving it in my purse when I am out, and not setting it next to me on the table.  I have also made a point of shutting my laptop and looking directly at people speaking to me if I was just doing something for fun.  This is not always possible- we do have businesses online after all, bit it is possible more often than I was doing it.

So, I have also been getting together with real life friends.

This can be a bit messy-I have lots of kids and some of my friends do, too, so my time to sit and have tea and spend hours just hanging out are long past- and I really have adjusted well to this.  But I have perhaps swung too far in the isolated direction because sometimes it just seems hard to get together with another mom for fellowship.

But I did it.

I went to the park and spent several hours with our kids there running around while we sneaked in a conversation here and there between interruptions. And it felt really good to connect with someone outside my family.

On another day, a friend and I swapped work days at our homes and I spent a day with her helping me with an organizational project, then I did the same for her.

We were blessed.  And at the same time, we blessed our families with completing huge organizational tasks we both had been avoiding.

Go ahead and do it:

Have an #unwired day. Spend another day getting together with an “In person” friend.

Time to think about my “Ideal Day”:

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