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I went ahead and wrote out my “Ideal” day, but this was not really tough for me.  I often make plans about my day and have had to learn that Blessed are the Flexible.

I can make all the plans I want, but if I make the plan the idol, I have missed the point. The plan just helps me recalibrate when I am tired and have been distracted so many times that I can’t keep a sentence straight.  But I hold my schedule very loosely – when possible.

Although I hold the schedule loosely, I have learned the value of predictable routines. It helps the whole family when meals are planned, chores are what the kids expect, things are paid on time, and what to do to get out the door on time.  I love my check lists. I love my chore charts for the kids.  I love my planner where I keep my to-do lists and appointments, but I love my children more.

The flexibility of being able to say, “This is enough” even when the lists are only half finished are very important to keep a godly perspective on the world- and put the PEOPLE ahead of  lists.

Here are my final thoughts about my UnWired Challenge:

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