The #Unwired Mom challenge: Interview my Children

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Part of the challenge is to interview my children.  Done.

Here is what was revealed to me:

The kids thought the following were my favorite thing to do:

-Being with my husband

-Being with my family

-Sleep (David said this!) This was the only answer that gave me pause.  Why would my eight year old son say that my favorite thing to do was sleep? So I had to stop and think about all the conversations he and I had about “Do not wake up mommy for some really petty reason if by some miracle I actually get a ten minute nap in the middle of the day while all the littles are sleeping.” and the times I bribed him to be quiet in the morning and let me rest if I was actually in bed past six. I have often used the phrase, “Sleep is golden, son.”   David has always needed way less sleep than average, so he can run (all day, every day) on six hours or less of sleep, it must seem odd that I value sleep so much.  Also, we have been in a season with two babies in the house around the clock. Sleep, especially straight in a row, really is important. But seriously- he thinks sleep makes me happy. No, son, sleep makes me able to function.  But still, I need to work on this perception from him.

Here is what they thought made me sad:

-Loss of trust

-People lying to me

-When my children are fighting

-When my children are hurting

-When I have to watch my children suffer pain from the consequences of choices they have made.

Good job, kids.  You nailed it. 

What do you wish mommy would do more of?

-Individual time with each one (Sarah)

-Make bread (David)- this boy has his priorities straight!

-Work (Daniel, age three) Still laughing about this one.

Take more time to relax, say no to doing too much.

What makes mommy angry

-Someone hurting my children

-Someone lying to me

-Things being unjust

Well, not too many surprises on the interviews.  My favorite thing that was said at the end when I asked, “Is there anything else you want to tell mommy?”

Daniel said, “I love you.”

Time for the next step: Have an UnWired Day AND Meet with a friend:

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