Where is the Heart of Your Home

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Most of my readers know by now that the heart of our home is the culmination of each member’s identity in Christ.  If each and every member of our home is living a life to be pleasing to the Lord, then the home will be a pleasant place, a place where we love one another, put one another’s interests ahead of ourselves, and are a testimony to the world of what a life filled with Christ’s love can do.  That, simply put is the heart of our home.

Now, from a worldly viewpoint, the other heart of our home is the living room, our “hub” so to speak.  Here is where we greet one another, snuggle on the couch to read books together, gather with our church family, have family discussions, and with our home businesses, we often have our laptops in there working while all the evening’s activities are going on around us.  Our living room is also the “sick room”.  When someone gets sick, the couch is the place they lay with their pillow and blankie so that they can be lovingly tended to by others, even as we go about our daily work.

This is also the room where we greet our guests.  I cannot even name all the precious visitors we have had there:  grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, book club girls, our minister, missionaries, neighbors, customers, and others.

The living room is often where ideas are born, discussed, rehashed, debated, rejected, affirmed, and acted upon.

Several years ago a friend gave me a certificate for a “free room makeover consultation.”  This company would come in, look at what you already have around your house and re-do a room with your own stuff.  I picked the living room and she made this room a very stylish room.  She whisked away all the clutter (imagine that!) and placed items so beautifully and artistically that now everything in that room has a very specific place and there is little space for clutter.  This was terrific because now, the “heart of my home”  is very easy to clean and have “company ready.”  This might be something to consider if you like to have guests over to visit, or would like to do so more.

Here is what I would like to know:  Where is the Heart of Your Home?

Happy Homemaking!



  1. Kim Clinton

    The heart of our home is also the kitchen. We have a large kitchen and it seems something is always baking. Everyone seems to always end up in the kitchen for coffee and a baked treat.

  2. Tracy

    That is a fantastic and thoughtful idea 🙂 May the soon to be married couple have a blessed marriage.

  3. Christy

    The heart of the home is indeed Christ. The next heart is probably my kitchen/living room.
    Congrats to you on the baby (pregnant too here.), and on the upcoming nuptials for your daughter.

  4. Linda

    Hi Malia,
    I’ve been subscribed to your posts for awhile. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your home and family. Sounds wonderful to be able to give such a lovely gift. Hope you get it. Also want to say congratulations on your new blessing, I pray that God will keep you all well, God bless you, Linda.

  5. april

    I love your blog! Your family is so inspiring!!

  6. Dana

    Its a toss up where which room I would choose to be the heart:
    The kitchen is where I prepare all the meals for my family, pack all the lunches for my family, etc etc
    The livingroom is where we all pile on the couches, curl up under blankets and snuggle while watching a movie
    Our bedroom is where the kids gather and we all stretch out on the bed and just talk and talk- about serious issues, about everyday occurances, about funny things that go on in and around our home we laugh, giggle and just be silly together

    I would have to say honestly that the center of my home is which ever room my family is in at the time, each room serves a unique job to my family, whether its nourishing their bodies with food, or nourishing their mind or their emotional well being, Our home is filled with love and its a great place to be!!

  7. Laurie

    Congratulations on the wedding and your newest blessing!
    The heart of our home is Christ. The other heart of our home is the dining room. Just about the only time we are all together as a family is when we sit down to eat and then have Bible study together while the little ones are finishing up their dinner. We spend hours eating, talking, studying, and praying together around our dining table.

  8. Pattie

    As long as the bride and groom are joined into a three cord strand with Christ as the third cord binding them together, that will be the heart of their home wherever they may be! Blessings!

  9. Bobbi

    What a wonderful way to bless the new couple. How exciting if you win and God gets glorified in it!

    The heart(s) of my home are the Lord Jesus Christ (spiritually) and the living room/ dining room. It’s actually one big space visually divided by the sofa. In this space we have our school lessons, play games, share secrets and tickles, pray together, work out disagreements, greet visitors, create art and science projects, laugh, and read together.

  10. Cindy

    Congratulations and Good Luck

  11. Donna

    Christ is the heart AND the head of our home! But we spend most of our time together in the kitchen!!

  12. dorothy Hemmingway

    I agree totally Christ is the heart of our home . As for where we hang out–for me, my husband and the kids, it is our bedroom (we love to cuddle up and talk about everything–and nothing!). For family and friends, I would have to say either our living room or our back patio.

  13. Judith

    The heart of our home is the family room…it’s where we do most everything: read, art, play games, talk etc. And like you, it’s the room where even sick ones hang out because it feels so familiar and comfortable. Hope you win this washer/dryer set for your daughter.

  14. Carole

    Congratulations to Christina and Jonathon. I hope you win this special gift for them!

  15. Bridget

    Besides Christ being the heart of our home, the Kitchen is where it is at. We eat our meals together, play games together and all of our guests congregate there.

  16. Jenny

    THe heart of our home is the kitchen not only can we feed our tummys , but its where we feed our minds and souls as well! Congratulations on all your recent blessings!

  17. Lyn

    Christ is definitely the heart of our home as well though the diningroom where we gather for morning prayer and Bible study, eat meals together, do school work at the table, and use the family computer serves as mission control for the family.

  18. Melissa

    I love the encouraging articles you write. They are a blessing to me and my family. I hope you win the w & d set for your daughter and her future husband. What a great gift!
    God Bless!

  19. Marilyn

    The heart of our home is Christ. But our living room is the room in our home where everyone always congregates – for school, for fellowship, if someone is sick, for reading, for family movie nights….

  20. Jill

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and upcoming wedding! How fun! I think the heart of our home physically is our kitchen.

  21. Amy Dorse

    Most of all, Christ is the Heart of Our Home. But, the Living Room is where wespend the main part of our day. It’s where we eat (the dining table is in there), do our schoolwork, watch movies, read books together, study God’s Word, and where I do my bills, and emails, and blogging, and coupon searching. I hope you win for your children! That would be wonderful! Congrats on the new baby! May he/she be healthy and strong!

  22. Sibbi yarger

    I am glad for the opportunity to consider where the heart of our home is. I liked your idea of starting with The Lord and how His heart in us influences everything that goes on in our home. In our home the dining room and living room share space. The dining room is at one end and the living room the other end. I would say the dining room is the heart. Most talking starts at the dining room table. It is also the place where we sit down to work if we are upstairs into where we extend counter space from the kitchen. The talk and activity that starts in the dining room often spreads out into the living room, either because more have joined us or because we want to be more comfortable while we talk. Thre are hard things dealt with as well as fun and cozy times. This joint room also has two large windows and a fireplace all of which make it more enjoyable and comfortable. It is also the room that looks like lots of family life goes on there. The children all practice and play the piano there, it seems everything we come into the house with spends some time there before being put away. It is the first room when we enter the house and we go through it as we pass from bedrooms to a meal, or downstairs to the family room, classroom, and office. If one were to sit at the dining room table they would see most all of our life pass before them. We have shared lots of life in the dining room from a family of 13 and the hustle and bustle which has now dwindled to a family of 7 with even more coming and going than any other time. I hope that we continue to meet in the dining room for many years and continue to have many more join us….more children-in-laws, grandchildren, friends, acquaintances. May the Lord continue to be the everpresent Guest at our Table.

  23. Sandy Stuva

    Christ is definately the center of my home, and there is evidence of him in every room! The family likes to hang out in the kitchen, where there is food and shacks, the scheduling calendar on the refrigerator, mail on the counter and a place to do homework. Even the dog hangs out here where her food and water is found.

  24. Lauren

    Malia, Thank you for this post today.
    Christ is the center of our home also, he makes everything run smoothly, and when there are hic-ups in MY plans, Jesus reminds me that everything will be all right if I leave it to Him! Thank you Father for your MANY blessings daily!

    The heart of our home in our house would have to be the living room. We play there, visit, Snuggle our hurts away, read, wrestle, eat and live there. That is where I rock my babies to sleep and nurse them back to health when they are not feeling well. We gather there when guests come in; it has the most comfortable seating. The children play in there, even though their rooms have plenty to do they drag the toys and puzzles to the living room to be near us. I do love it, even though it all has to be picked up before bedtime. I love to be surrounded by family and friends in our living room.

  25. RoxinIndy

    I’ve just discovered this website, and it’s wonderful!

  26. Sundae Woodall

    I hope you win. The heart of my home is the Living Room and Kitchen area that is open to each other.

  27. Rachel

    We love that you are doing this for Him. We feel that the heart of the home is Christ, but its the mamma who sets the tone. He is in all and is the head of all, and its our job to see that they all get to feel His love everywhere. We do most of our sharing in the kitchen though, we are definitely food people.We are very excited for you, and will pray for the upcoming events. Blessings Rachel

  28. Greta Hicks

    Thank you for sharing with us! I truly hope your daughter and her new husband to be are blessed with this washer and dryer!

  29. Heather Autry

    Christ is the center of my life so I strive to appropriately set Him as the center of our home. It’s really easy to get caught up in the busyness of raising a family, but we try to start each day focusing on Christ. We pray our children love and commit their lives to our Heavenly Father each and every day.

  30. Dawn

    The Heart of our Home is the kitchen as it is where our dining table is…we gather to eat each meal together and play family games and also some arts & crafts for homeschooling. I love to bake and the kiddos are old enough now that they can help so we bake together as well. Christ is the center of our lives and we study Him and His Word at the start of each school day…I love learning right along side of the kids…getting a fresh view on His Word is wonderful. I hope your daughter and future husband are blessed with the new set!

  31. Kimberly Franklin

    We live in a tiny house in the city right now and with 3 children it’s hard to find a place we can all fit into.We do our schoolwork in the master bedroom and our eating is done mainly in the livingroom.We have just bought a new home on 11 acres, and we are so excited.I think the center of our home when we move may be in the beautiful outdoors.

  32. jeannine nasca

    Hi Malia, I love your letters to all of your Christian sisters out here. It brings us all a little closer.Its a huge blessing. I would have to say that the heart of my home is my kitchen. We do our schoolwork there ,share meals together,pray together and talk to one another. God bless, Jeannine

  33. Betsy

    Christ is indeed the heart of our spiritual home, but the kitchen is the heart of my physical home. First of all, it is in the middle of my house! Secondly, no matter what is going on in the house, if we are home, somone is in the kitchen: cooking, cleaning or “just looking for a snack” as my six year old says. Lastly, if we have company over (even during football) everyone seems to congreate in the kitchen.

    Love your blog, congraulations to your daughter (and yourself). I hope you win!

  34. Deb Moses

    Our home’s “heart” is the kitchen, for sure. The kitchen is where my husband and Ishare our plans for the day and our stories about the day that has passed. It is where my daughters and I share our thoughts and I am able to pour into them the importance of being a Proverbs 31 woman.
    Hope you win the washer/dryer.

  35. JenniLyn

    While Christ is the heart of the home, I currently find our home’s center around the time we can just sit on the floor or bed and discuss the good things god is doing or done for us.

  36. Sheri Fontes

    Of course CHRIST is the heart of our home, but the heart of my house is the Dining room. With six boys to feed that’s where the action is!

  37. Carla Golden

    Our kitchen/living room, with its many chicken-themed decorations, is the heart of our home. We greet each other in the morning around the kitchen island for breakfast. Most of our schooling is done in this room. It’s the first place guests gravitate to when we’re cooking dinner for a crowd, and its walls often ring with laughter or silly songs from my children as they play.

    Thanks for a great article, Malia! Hope you win!

  38. Ed

    The kitchen is probably the physical heart (or maybe more properly the “hub”) of our home. Blessings!

  39. Danielle Hull

    I think the member of our family are the heart of our home, but Christ is definitely the center of our family. Our dining/school room is where most activity takes place, as our kitchen isn’t even big enough for a table! I am so excited for you to win this 😉

    Be blessed,

  40. Nathan

    Our house is built so that all the bedrooms are on the end and all the other rooms are all open and central. This allows us to live all together as a family. And hopefully, Christ is the center of all of our family life; that is for what we strive. Thanks!

  41. Dee

    I just found your blog today. We are in the process of establishing the physical heart of our home, as it has not been “our” home until recently. Before then, it was very much my mil’s home, & there was no real heart for us for 10 years. If Christ had not been the heart, our family would have fallen apart. It is looking as if the physical heart will be the entire first floor, which is living room, dining room & kitchen in a fairly open space. My mil has passed away, & we are buying the home, & have yet to rearrange things.

  42. Katie Phillips

    The Lord Jesus Christ is the first heart of the home – for out of our relationship with Him – comes all things. I feel that after our relationships with God – the heart of the home – is the relationship between the Husband and Wife – it sets the tone for the family. No matter which room we may be in at any given time – children learn so much from seeing the relationship Dad and Mom shares – that I feel that it is the heart of the home if it is a relationship build on God’s Word and view of Marriage.

  43. Heidi

    Wonderful post, Malia. And such great comments so far. Here’s another one to get you that much closer.

  44. Andrea W

    The heart of our home is the kitchen/dining/school room. I banished my living room to our basement and took over that space for our school room/dining room which is connected to our eat-in kitchen with just a small wall separating the two spaces. We spend most of our time in these two spaces and we even stopped watching TV almost all together which led to the decision to cancel satellite service. Now we are saving $70 a month which can be used for more interactive types of entertainment or savings. It has changed our whole lifestyle, I think for the better. Now we just spend Friday or Saturday night in the living room playing games or watching a movie for family night. Plus, we now have seating for 16 between our kitchen and school room with leaves in both tables.

  45. jennifer

    The heart of our home is always God. Then it would be my great hubby.
    Good luck to the newly weds. And Thank you for your blog, I’ve learned alot.

  46. Denise

    Christ is the heart of our home. The living room is the hub of our home too. We gather there to talk, play games, work with yarn and do each our own thing. I really hope that your daughter gets the washer and dryer. It is wonderful to see and mom trying to get something practical for their future home.
    God Bless

  47. Nuz

    Jesus Christ is the Heart of my Home. Good Luck with the contest, and many blessings from a newlywed husband!

  48. erik

    samsung makes pretty good washers these kids should have one.

    Christ the rock for the home and for life

  49. Sarah Veal

    The heard of our home is our living room. It has almost everything in it. School books, laundry, toys, food (unfortunately), television, mini trampoline, aquariam, lot of books, Bible, computer, etc. I am wanting to declutter so much. I will be working on it soon. 🙂

  50. Ashley M

    We would be better off if everyone made Jesus Christ the Heart of their homes & Lord of their lives! Oh, how the world needs Him so very much. It is so sad how the people he created to love Him have ran from Him & often are doing the opposite.

    Keep us updated on all the details..wedding, baby, contest.. You have lots of exciting things going on!

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