Where is the Heart of Your Home

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Most of my readers know by now that the heart of our home is the culmination of each member’s identity in Christ.  If each and every member of our home is living a life to be pleasing to the Lord, then the home will be a pleasant place, a place where we love one another, put one another’s interests ahead of ourselves, and are a testimony to the world of what a life filled with Christ’s love can do.  That, simply put is the heart of our home.

Now, from a worldly viewpoint, the other heart of our home is the living room, our “hub” so to speak.  Here is where we greet one another, snuggle on the couch to read books together, gather with our church family, have family discussions, and with our home businesses, we often have our laptops in there working while all the evening’s activities are going on around us.  Our living room is also the “sick room”.  When someone gets sick, the couch is the place they lay with their pillow and blankie so that they can be lovingly tended to by others, even as we go about our daily work.

This is also the room where we greet our guests.  I cannot even name all the precious visitors we have had there:  grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, book club girls, our minister, missionaries, neighbors, customers, and others.

The living room is often where ideas are born, discussed, rehashed, debated, rejected, affirmed, and acted upon.

Several years ago a friend gave me a certificate for a “free room makeover consultation.”  This company would come in, look at what you already have around your house and re-do a room with your own stuff.  I picked the living room and she made this room a very stylish room.  She whisked away all the clutter (imagine that!) and placed items so beautifully and artistically that now everything in that room has a very specific place and there is little space for clutter.  This was terrific because now, the “heart of my home”  is very easy to clean and have “company ready.”  This might be something to consider if you like to have guests over to visit, or would like to do so more.

Here is what I would like to know:  Where is the Heart of Your Home?

Happy Homemaking!



  1. April

    The heart of our home is Christ and the living room. But when its cooler, we hang out in the kitchen and bake.
    Hope you win!

  2. corey

    Here’s to hoping you win!! That would be a wonderful gift to young newlyweds!!

  3. Corey

    The heart of our home is the kitchen/supper table.

  4. Jennifer Nevarr

    The kitchen is the heart of our home. Christ is the heart of our lives!

  5. Mini

    We have moved twice this past year and are now living in a house with a wide open floor plan. The living room opens into the kitchen and the dining room. The second floor loft also looks down into this space. So except for the bedrooms (and bathrooms) there are no walls – I love it! So I would say the heart of our home is wherever we are altogether. It is not really a physical place but an emotional one – when we are all together sharing the joys and blessings of life.

  6. Anne London

    I think our family room is the “heart” of our home. The place to hang out together! Malia–I so appreciate you and your website!

  7. Stormie

    The heart of our home is the dining room. This is where we do most of our talking and projects. It is where we congregate when the children and grandchildren visit. This is where my friend and I sew and talk about the Lord and discuss scriptures and just be together. I love the time I spend in my dining room and the memories that are made there.

  8. Duncan Russell

    Thanks for such a great post!

  9. jaime

    Our home is new to us, so we haven’t clung to one room yet. W e do however have Jesus in our hearts and that is enough to fill us and could be our hearts of our home.

  10. Denise B

    We have our best family times outside! Although, inside the house we have most of our family time around the kitchen table.

  11. Jaeny

    The heart of our home is the living room too, we do almost everything here, watch movies together, laugh over a good comedy together, sometimes we eat together here too, my mom does her make-up here, I do my reading here, my brother plays and does his homework here…this is really the busiest part in the entire house, we also receive guests here, loved ones and friends alike…oh and I sleep here most of the time too eversince I started working nights, even though I’m working days already, still haven’t given up my most favorite room of all… 🙂

  12. Stephaney Roberson

    the heart of our home is the living room/dining room…they are open to each other and in a small house it is natural for us to “congregate” there.

  13. Rebecca Dawdy

    I so agree! The heart of the home is the living room–and ours is open to the dining room–both are vital–this w/e I have been decluttering and cleaning and this just spurs me on more–I have not kept up like I should–cannot wait for it to be as it should–a relaxing place to share ideas. Good luck in the contest too! congrats to your dd!

  14. Carol

    The heart of our home is my Godly husband. He leads his wife and children by example, sacrifice, and his love of Jesus Christ. He keeps our family focused on God and His Word.

    Good luck on the contest, congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming marriage, and blessings on the new life you’re expecting!

  15. Jeannette

    The living room is also a favorite room at our home.

    Congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming wedding!

  16. Relishing Life

    The heart of our home is the livingroom as well. That is where we spend most of our time together snuggling on the couch reading tons and tons of books together.

  17. Alexia

    Congratulations to Christina and Jonathan… and I hope you win!

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