Master List of Math Curriculum for Home Educators

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This resource was developed to go along with our curriculum, 7 Days to Your Best Homeschool Year Ever.

Saxon Math (We use this for third grade- Advanced Math (Pre-trig and Pre-calc). This is our favorite math.

Math-U-See (We use this for course level work K-2, beginning around age 4, letting them work at their own pace until they complete it, then we test them to see if they test into Saxon Level 3)

Math Review Princeton (We used their middle school review the first year we transitioned our daughter out of private school and into our homeschool in 2000). We have also used their ACT review course book,

Teaching Textbooks (We have not used, but have friends who have)

Bob Jones Math (We did not use it, but have friends who did very successfully.)

Alpha Omega Math (Never used)

Switched on Schoolhouse (Computer driven curriculum. We have not used it.)

If you have additional math curriculum, send me the info so I can add it to this list.



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