Why I Use the FREE Cozi App PLUS a Paper Calendar

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Once a week I sit down with my calendar and sync it up with my calendar app, Cozi.

My paper calendar is my place where I think. I have it with me most of the time when I am home, and sometimes when I am out of the house as well. I brainstorm there, take notes, make plans, make goals and check on my progress. My children affectionately call it “The Family Bible” because everything happening with our family goes there. If it’s not written in the calendar, it probably won’t happen.15776277_10154598083567702_1303543731_o

But then, I also still use COZI, my very favorite calendar app.


You all know I am ALL ABOUT efficiency, so why on earth would I maintain TWO systems?

Cozi Family Organizer: Say goodbye to family chaos with the app that organizes calendars, lists and more. And it’s FREE!

Here’s the thing. My calendar is here. With me. When my husband has a question about the calendar and I am not there, he can check his app. He can see what I already know.

When my teens get their work schedules, wherever and wherever they are, they can add it into the app so everyone knows where everyone is.



The other nice thing is the auto fill feature. At the beginning of each semester or season, I can set up the schedule for that child, and their driver (usually me). Not only is the entry added the calendar on multiple days at one time, I can set up text reminders right then. It will text a reminder to anyone I choose. For Anne’s school schedule, since I am driving her, we both get a text half an hour before time to leave. You can set it up at whatever interval makes sense to you.  You can add in things like special directions, things not to forget and the address.

Grocery shopping with a large family can be tricky, especially when three older children often prepare their own meals and plan family dinners. So we keep a grocery list they can add to in cozi. If I am at the store, I can just open the app and check the list. I also use this in conjunction with Kroger Click List, Amazon shopping and large shopping trips (like Sam’s club).


Birthdays- I now keep all birthdays in Cozi, and it sends me a reminder a week prior so I SHOULD have time to get a gift or a call, and get it in the mail if necessary.


Meal Planning: With several people meal planning it’s great to use the meal planning part of the app. If you put a recipe in there (and you can import it from a website if you like), then you decide to make the recipe, you just drag and drop it on the right day, then add the ingredients to your grocery list in two clicks. So simple!

Sign up for a free Cozi account today. It’s the #1 family organizer that keeps schedules, lists, contacts and more all in one place!

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  1. Dawn

    We’ve used Cozi for at least 5 years now. We love it!

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