My Favorite Planner for 2017

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Dream or GoalAfter YEARS of tweaks and changes, I have consistently used and loved the same brand of planner for the past three years.

Based on a few pictures online a few years ago, I took a chance and bought my first “Tools4Wisdom” planner.


I really have no complaints at all about it, and I would say I am a “heavy’ user of this calendar. It meets all my needs, both business and personal.

First cool feature: You can order it anytime, and it will begin in the current month.

Second: there are several cover choices. This is not the cover I would have chosen, but three in our family use the same planner, so we all chose different covers.15785738_10154598083812702_1559246618_o

This is spiral bound and size: 8.5 x 11 ”

Each year and month start with goal setting.


Then each month has a monthly calendar with a two page spread. I use it for bills and finances.


Then each week has this beautiful weekly spread that includes places for appointments AND for your top priorities for the day. There is extra space you could use for meal planning or other special matters.This is my most loved section.


At the end of each month there is a place to reflect on your goals/make adjustments.


The true test of a calendar for me is if I am happy enough with it to buy it again the following year, and I give this an enthusiastic YES. The price point is fair consider the size, quality and the number of pages it includes. I also love that you can begin it in the current month. Mine begins in October because that is when I ordered it, and it goes through the following year-end.

Here’s a link if you are interested:  Tools4Wisdom Calendar

What calendar do you use? What are the features you love? What do you wish yours had?





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