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My daughter, Rebecca and granddaughter Autumn (both age 4) loved making some Christmas decorations using the beautiful Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. company. We try to spend extra time doing Christmas activities in the 60 Days leading up to Christmas, using these paints were the perfect way to have a mess-free craft for both little girls.

These beautiful paints come in two separate sets of 6 tubes that look similar to glue sticks. But they don’t work like glues sticks! They are filled with beautiful, vibrant, rich paint – which dries nearly instantly!


This review includes two new color sets, one was ornate metallic colors and the other set had bright neon colors.  The children really enjoyed using these for making Christmas crafts they are giving as gifts this year. As I shared in my review of the other Kwik Stix I received, my children absolutely love to paint, but I do not like the mess.  This product absolutely removes the mess, but retains the beauty of high quality paint. I love letting the kids use them for craft time.


My children still enthusiastically ask for and use the first set we received nearly every day. Now that we have added new colors in the mix, they are even MORE in demand. 14964229_10154595799377180_1198908498_o

I am very pleased that the new sets hold up as well to mixed mediums and have lasted through weeks of craft projects with no sign of being low on paint. I love the fact that the girls can get the paints out themselves and use them independently without having to deal with smocks and careful monitoring that are a part of the ritual of typical paints.


I cannot say enough good things about these very affordable paints. I got a set for my granddaughter after she loved the sets at our house and they have been just as good at my daughter’s house as they have been at ours. It was wonderful to be able to bless them with such a fun craft that doesn’t make a big mess at their house during Autumn’s school time.

I also love that because they are so neat and clean to use, I am always willing to let her pack them to take with us when we are doing school outside the home. Some days we drive her big sister to her college classes and wait outside at a courtyard doing school with the younger children. Rebecca always wants to bring the paints along. kwik2

We love these smaller sets of paints because they fit nicely into Rebecca’s caddy  that we use for her school work.  I have added these paints into my “go-to” gift ideas for young artists for Christmas, birthdays, sick days and any other gift giving occasion. If you are looking to purchase these, effective November 1, they are available at both the company that produces them, The Pencil Grip, Inc.  or at Target or





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