30 Things To Do With a Back Injury

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A few weeks ago I hurt my back, and I have had very limited movement since. For the most part I can sit up, lay in certain very uncomfortable positions and move around very little. At first I was sorta shocked by my inability to get up and live my normal life, so I just binge-watched some Netflix and Amazon Prime movie series.

However, that kind of life is not very satisfying. My brain got tired of the slothfulness and I was not able to keep going in that direction. So I slowly found the things I can do while still stuck in a chair (and I really am hoping this is very short-term).

So here it is, all the things I learned I can do without moving much.

  1. Binge watch something fun that you usually don’t have time to watch (very short term).
  2. Make sure all the bills that come in are paid in your online banking system.
  3. Make a budget and keep it updated.
  4. Work through my 60 Days to Christmas items that I can complete from my computer or phone.
  5. Send encouraging notes/texts to folks who have a struggle.
  6. Work on blog posts.
  7. Complete reviews for the website.
  8. Make live facebook videos with the children. They are so funny, no one will notice you have not put on make-up or are wearing yoga pants around. the clock because you can’t get dressed without much pain.
  9. Order your groceries from a pick-up service and plan for someone to pick them up. Krogers, Wal-mart and Valu Market all offer this service in our town.
  10. Order Christmas gifts early from Amazon or any other online retailers.
  11. Catch up on reading.
  12. Listen to uplifting podcasts. My new favorite is: At Home with Sally Clarkson. Very uplifting!
  13. Stretch gently when possible.
  14. Do an arm workout- anything to just keep moving.
  15. Pray!
  16. Clean out all your emails.
  17. Organize coupons.
  18. Play games with the children that don’t require a lot of concentration
  19. Send massive lists of things to do to others in your life: my children, my VA, my husband. SInce I am sitting around, I have LOTS of time to think of things to do that I can’t do. They have not yelled at me yet. I imagine they are all just ignoring the lists and hope I will forget all about it once I can get up.
  20. Make little bead bracelets with the kids.
  21. Order the jeans your child desperately needs from Amazon. Oh, and socks. And laundry soap.
  22. Be thankful for your many blessings.
  23. Write overdue thank you notes.
  24. Read your bible.
  25. Work on your bible study.
  26. Tell everyone who is helping you how very thankful you are.
  27. Let the kids hang out with grandparents more than usual.
  28. Listen to music.
  29. Make a meal plan.
  30. Sleep.


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