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My son, David (11) absolutely loves science. He also really loves learning via video, which I have learned this year, so he was excited to review Science Shepherd ‘s Curriculum, Introductory Science, Level B.

I was immediately pleased to find that this curriculum began from a biblical worldview. There are many beautiful and vivid science videos in the marketplace that do not start with this as the basis, and I am always hesitant to keep reinforcing the idea of evolution in my children. Even if I start their study with my own disclaimer, I know that hearing about the false teaching of evolution over and over will lead to confusion at best. So when the opening question of the workbook asked: “Does God’s word lie?” and discussing the creating of the universe from a creationist point of view, I was excited for him to continue.

But even a book with a great message must pass the quality test in our home. My kids don’t like shabby products that are poorly made- even if they have a correct worldview.

David really enjoyed the lecture style videos- these include a teacher (with a pleasant, easy to follow voice) with graphics and videos running alongside him in the lecture. These videos only lasted a few minutes each (2-5 minutes). Immediately following the lecture, David would do his corresponding workbook pages. This is a consumable workbook and you will want one for each student. This is another area I was a little worried because writing is not David’s strong suit. The good news is that the workbook did thoroughly review the material, but it did not require tons of extra writing and busy work. David is on the older end for this curriculum, which is good because it is written to be suitable for writers aged 6-11. ScienceShepherdIntroScience_zpsp2mry1vp

Here’s how we (he) did this curriculum. Each day, four days a week he watched a video (2-5 minutes). Then he did the review pages from his workbook completely on his own. Often the younger children gathered around him on the computer and watched the videos as well (win!). Then he did the workbook completely on his own. Once a week I looked over his work. Since I have children of many ages, and we were in the really busy graduation season for two of them, this was a huge relief for me. He was able to progress completely on his own, and he did so enthusiastically.


As you can see from the pictures, the consumable workbook covered plenty of vocabulary and interesting concepts, but did not require an excessive amount of writing long, difficult to spell words. This makes it well-suited for a younger writer (but still a solid reader) to do independently. If you have a struggling reader, I would say you can easily adapt this to simply sitting with them, reading the questions and letting them choose the correct answer. The workbook lessons were quick to complete.  The other thing this workbook had was other types of activities like experiments, and other tactile types of projects (making things from clay, coloring flowers and then grouping them according to classifications. David was not terribly interested in the art activities, so he skipped them. I can see these being really fun for my daughter who loves to color, cut, paste, etc.


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I am very pleased with this program for David and know he will finish it. The videos and lessons are simple. but thorough and interesting. He has enjoyed telling us all what he is learning about science. His siblings have enjoyed watching the videos over his shoulder. I love the content, and I love that every page is adorned with a relevant scripture passage. This curriculum is a win-win. I am so thankful we had the opportunity to review it with David. I look forward to using it with my other children as well.  If you look at the website, there are samples of the videos so you can see the quality of the videos before you buy. The consumable workbooks are very affordable, even if you are doing it with numerous children.

Science Shepherd Review

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