The #UnWired Mom: Final 10 Thoughts

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I finished my experiment through the book Unwired Mom by Sarah Mae.  Here are the things I learned:

  1. I spend less time wired than I thought.
  2. I still spend too much time wired.
  3. I am training my children to be wired, too and am taking the time now to talk to them about it more regularly since I see where this can lead.
  4. I am spending more time intentionally using a pen and paper rather than a computer for things.  At times this makes me feel less organized, and at other times it is a blessed relief.
  5. Using online timers to keep me from spending too much time on social media has been a HUGE blessing,and a change that I will keep.
  6. Every single time I had to choose spending time with one of my children or “playing” on the computer, I chose the children.  This was tough because there are so many of them, and only one of me. So my time on the computer was greatly diminished. That is okay when I am playing, but I have work on here, too, so I am trying to find the balance.
  7. I have had more time for real-life friends, and I absolutely LOVE that change.
  8. I have had more time for working on things in my environment (such as keeping my bedroom tidy or tackling yard work).  That has been well worth it!
  9. I noticed when I have a lot of stress I tend to do one of two things: Organize big projects or get on the computer.  Both of these are forms of escape.  The difference is when I get involved in a big organizational project, I spend a lot of time thinking, praying, and listening to the Lord.  When I am on the computer, I get caught up in what I am reading and can ignore that quiet voice from the Lord.
  10. I am glad I spent time going through this book, taking the fifteen day challenge, and sharing my thoughts.  I think my walk with the Lord has deepened, and I know my own habits and weaknesses more clearly now. Changes came quickly as a result of the challenge, but now that I am well beyond my fifteen days, the changes have stuck.  I will probably re-read this book every six months or so to see where I need to re-focus and make additional changes.

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