Co-Op Day List

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To do listEven though we homeschool, one day per week we have co-op classes that the children attend. Here is our new checklist for that busy morning.


  •  Anne- Breakfast
  • David Breakfast
  • Sarah Breakfast
  • Daniel Breakfast
  • Malia’s Smoothie
  • David’s Backpack including French, Hip Hop and Boys Club stuff.
  • Sarah’s backpack including ballet and Hip Hop stuff
  • Anne’s Backpack including French and Hip Hop Stuff and iPod
  • David Lunch and Drink
  • Anne’s Lunch and Drink
  • Sarah’s lunch and Drink
  • Piano bag with all needed music
  • Goodwill stuff
  •  Diaper Bag (stocked)
  • Half Price Stuff
  • Errand Stuff
  • Recycling
  • Mom’s Purse
  • Mom’s Phone
  • Dinner in crockpot or thawing
  • Laundry going
  • Kitchen clean
  •     _________________________
  •     __________________________
  •     ____________________________
  •     ____________________________


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