52 Ways to Save Time: Have Your Staples Delivered

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52 Ways to Save Time

I started small.  I heard about a company called Green Bean Delivery that could deliver organic fruits and veggies to our home on a weekly basis.  Then I learned they could deliver our milk as well.  We have our beef purchased once per year, so all I was going to the store for was chicken and paper products and a few other foods.  One day, I was out of dishwashing soap.  I did not see time in the near future to get to the store, so I got on Amazon.com to see if they carried the product.  If you order five or more products to be delivered regularly, you can save 15% off the products (some restrictions, etc), so that got me thinking about things that I could order through Amazon every month or two to save me from running to the store for them.

Here is what I settled on:


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