52 Ways to Save Time: Designate a Towel

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52 Ways to Save Time

With six children, we sure generate a lot of laundry.  One area where I found an easy improvement was in the area of bath towels.  It is fine with me for a child to use a bath towel more than once, so rather than having them launder their towels every time they are used, the simply hang them up neatly to dry.  The problem comes when no one really remembers which towel belongs to whom.  So, designate a specific color towel to each family member.  If all your towels match, do not go out and buy new towels.  Find a way to designate the ones you have.  In our house we used an old towel to cut out letters for each person’s initials and sewed them on the towels. These look cute and are easy to keep straight.  It is also easy to tell who left their towel on the floor.

This saves laundry time and time determining who left towels hanging around- since the kids know they are designated as theirs, they take ownership and do put them where they belong. When they do go through the wash, rather than folding them, they are just hung in the bathrooms where they belong.

Looking for more ways to save time? http://www.homemaking911.com/2013/02/02/52-ways-to-save-time-keeping-up-with-uniforms/

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