Making a Backwards Schedule

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On Fridays, we have several activities.

We have classes at Woodland Enrichment Academy- 3 kids in classes there, 3 different drop off times.

We also have piano lessons.

Then, Friday evening we have Tae Kwon Do and our date night.

Finally, Friday is my errand day, so I need all my errand stuff in the car, the diaper bag packed, and snacks and food packed for in the car.

So, the chores that must get done daily such as grooming, basic housecleaning, lunches made, dinner made, breakfast eaten, Tae Kwon Do uniforms washed and waiting, Water bottles made for Tae Kwon Do, Woodland things and Piano books in the car are all compressed into a very short time frame.  Last Friday was our first trial run and by the time I got everyone (and their things) in the car, I was exhausted.  I realized I had unrealistic expectations about how much could get done in such a short amount of time.

I decided to make a backwards schedule… where I start with our leaving time and work backwards to see what needed to be done WHEN, rather than just getting up in the morning and rushing to get everything done.  I also decided to move almost everything to the previous day that could be done to prep for Friday- keeping in mind that Tae Kwon Do takes up most of the evening, and the children really need to get to bed shortly after getting home from there and taking a shower.

The times listed on the post are fictional.  I really do not want robbers to know my schedule.  🙂

Leave house at 9:15

9:10: Car warmed up or cooled down, baby buckled in the carseat

9:00 Shoes on, restroom break

8:45 DJ diaper change (soon to be potty break)

8:30 breakfast dishes cleaned up and put away, Make sure TKD uniforms are in the dryer

8:00 dinner in the crockpot, turned on and plugged in.  Breakfast for any children who have not eaten.

7:45-wake other children if not already awake

7:30- wake poky child

7:00 Mama shower and dressed.

Night before:

10:30 Malia Bedtime

10:15 Malia Shower if possible, otherwise in the morning

10:00 Sarah and Anne Bedtime

9:00 David and DJ Bedtime

9:00 Shower: Sarah

8:45 Shower: Anne

8:30 Shower: David

8:00 TKD ends, drive home and be sure David’s booster is in the van, quick bedtime snack

7:00 DJ Bath, pack DJs bag for the next day with diapers, wipes, sippy cup, snacks, and bib.

6:00 TKD starts

5:40 Leave for TKD

5:20 Get Dressed for TKD

5:15 Braid Anne’s Hair for TKD

4:45 Eat Dinner- Kids start clean up

4:00 Finish Dinner, have kids load car for next day: Piano books, school books, make water bottles for TKD, have kids pack lunches and snacks for the Friday

3:45 Get clothes laid out, books, etc together for Friday.

3:00 Put library, post office, Goodwill drop stuff, coupons and things together for Friday.

2:00 or sooner practice piano for the day so the books can be loaded.

8:00 AM- Start Dinner on the slow cooker or get ready for the oven.

Now – what you may have observed is that having a pleasant Friday morning with 4 children and 1 mom actually begins the PREVIOUS morning.  I was able to successfully pull it off by doing everything that morning, but it made me an exhausted mess the whole day.  By the time my date night with hubby rolled around, I was too tired to truly enjoy it!  Of course, being 8 months pregnant had some impact on my energy levels, but I doubt that having a newborn to bring along will make it any easier!  You can use this same concept to make any busy day easier.  Sunday may be an example of this- much of what you do Saturday night (including how late you get to bed) can really impact your church day. Can you think of other times where a backwards schedule can help you?


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