Prepping for a De-Clutter Day

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Saturday I have a de-cluttering day on the calendar. If you do these regularly, you start to pick up hints and tips to make it easier. Here is what I am doing to make it easier:

1. Going through the younger children’s room early. Since Daniel naps much of the day I already went through the boy’s room and culled all the outgrown clothes and unwanted/unneeded toys and books. That way I will not lose my momentum because of a napping baby.

2. Start making a mental list of problem areas.

3. Get some empty boxes for things to take to charity and some big black garbage bags for things that need to leave.

4. Come up with some fun rewards you can offer the family for goals met so that they share the excitement.

5. Invite a friend. Having a friend along helps you get rid of things more easily. I have no idea why! But it works. In my case I invited my daughter, Christina to join me for the day and amazingly she agreed.

6. Let the kids and your husband know ahead of time what you are doing so no one makes any other big plans that are going to cause problems during your de-cluttering day.

7. Empty the vacuum bag and get your cleaners ready. You will find dust and dirt when sorting and organizing, so be sure you are stocked up before you begin.

8. Go read about our decluttering challenge, talk it over with your family and get it on the calendar!

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