My House Is Never A Mess by Guest Blogger Laurie White (Part 4)

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My House is Never a Mess

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Some Motivation

At some point along my journey of learning to keep house, I realized that I was being very much like my creative heavenly Father when I was cleaning up. Creating order out of chaos—what could be more like Him? He had to sort and classify and organize, and that’s what managing a household requires. Laying down a foundation of order is a highly creative act in itself, and get this, the order that is created produces more creativity. After all, it is the presence of order in a home that provides the clear table top to work on for the next project. It is order that allows you to find those scalloped paper scissors when you need them, or not waste 10 minutes looking for the fabric glue.

Most of all, it is an overall sense of order that bolsters you up above the fray and minimizes those times of feeling overwhelmed, feelings that beset all moms, but especially those who are keeping little munchkins at home all day. Somehow, and I believe we all know this is true, wiping away those cobwebs from windows, wipes a few of them from our minds as well. In that way, cleaning and organizing are like exercise: you feel better about yourself after you do it. You feel better about your home. You feel more on top of things. Your children will too as they participate and as they learn to keep their own rooms straight. Don’t deny them this tool for living!

Having said all the above, however, I would add one caveat—some kids are simply going to drive you crazy before they learn to keep their own stuff neat, especially if you didn’t catch those habits when they were small. Keep your perspective and your sense of humor as you work on these issues. No one’s ever died from having a messy room.

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