My House Is Never a Mess by Guest Blogger Laurie White (Part 2)

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My House is Never a Mess

A Continuation of My House Is Never A Mess, Kindly see here if you have missed Part 1

2.If your house is already out of control, clean it one room at a time. And don’t just clean up, figure out where everything should go, and where it can be most easily accessed. Teach the plan to the children—in fact, allow them to be part of the process of figuring it out. Finding a place for everything can be a highly challenging and creative endeavor in itself, especially in a small house with limited cabinets and shelves. Treat it like a riddle, and be determined to find a spot for all items. Make a trip to Goodwill or sell stuff if you have to. Be ruthless. And remember that all of this is worth at least one homeschooling unit in systems analysis.
Master that room, and then move to the next. Keep rooms so that if everyone gathers at one time, they can clean it up completely in less than 10 minutes without stuffing anything under a sofa. We got our house down to where it could be company presentable (downstairs only) in 10 minutes. The one exception was the dining room table which was a table for ongoing projects and things to be sorted. I never quite conquered the table, and I admit it, I’m still trying.

3.Use labels. When learning to keep order, don’t worry how the labels look, label everything—drawers, cabinets, anything that keeps things that tend to get left out. Many times an item gets left out because the user has forgotten where it goes. Labels enable everyone to know where to find it, and best of all, where to put it back.

4.Handle papers only once if possible. Don’t sort, then put them aside only to have to sort through them again later.

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  1. Jennifer

    HAHA! I love the part about remembering that this process is worth one unit of systems analysis in homeschooling…LOL! Great tips..thank you!


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