Malia’s Goals 2011/2012

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September is for beginnings.

I know most people think that the new year begins in January, but when you are a home educator the new year is really whenever you start your new school year.  This year, it is September.  Our family was very blessed to be able to spend a week off of work and I spent all of it working through plans for the year and setting lots of personal goals.  I read a TON of books.  As a result, I made lots of notes and developed some goals for the upcoming year.  I learned in college that a goal that is written down is WAY more likely to be realized.  I wonder how much that goes up when you share your goals with 8000 of your closest friends?

My goal categories are based on the method used in the book: Desperate Households by Kathy Peel

Home and Property Management

  • -Keep the main floor “company ready”
  • -Keep the garage tidy and inviting to Wheat-n-things customers
  • Neat, clean and welcome yard
  • Teach the children to keep care of their personal things
  • Continue adding in new healthy foods
  • Make an Easy meal plan
  • Save money by eating out/carrying in less
Time and Scheduling
  • Make a new plan for my days with current schedule and follow it
  • Make sure I am getting the most important things done in the following areas:
    • Homeschool
    • Business
    • Family
    • Self Care
  • Balance between work and rest
Financial Department
  • Stop wasting money on any dining out
  • Work on paying off the house quicker
  • Re-build our emergency savings
  • Look for additional ways to buy things at the lowest possible prices- take time to research prices
  • Maximize the profitability of our businesses by searching for low cost vendors and minimize our shipping and freight costs for Wheat-n-things
Family members and Friends
  • Schedule a visit to Michigan to see my parents
  • Date Nights with Duncan
  • Schedule and spend time with extended family
Special Events
  • Spend time preparing ahead for special occasions for our family such as birthdays and other holidays.
  • Get back to planning regular special occasions such as:
    • Family game nights
    • Family Joke nights
    • News Item of Interest Night
    • Have guests over more often
Self Management
  • Diet
  • Exercise 2 days a week
  • Intentionally spend additional time in prayer/Bible study
Home Education
  • Enjoy the Fun Classes
  • Complete and Follow-through with our learning schedule
  • Design and Implement ways to instill a love of learning and independent responsibilities


These categories were derived from the books; Desperate Households by Kathy Peel

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