Louisville Restaurant Review: Lemongrass Restaurant

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Lemongrass was a great find for my husband and me.  We often have a short time for a quick date while our children are doing AWANA.  Near that location is a little fast-food-looking restaraunt called:  Lemongrass which boasts Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese Cuisine.

It is a small restaurant and often it only has one or to servers at a time in there, so service is a little slow.  Don’t go in a hurry and you should be fine. 

Here is what we have ordered there:

E5.  Kraprao.  This is minced meat (chicken in our case) stir fried with onions, scallions, and sprig onions in sweet hot basil sauce. $8.25

E14-Khao Pad- Fried Rice with meat (again, we chose chicken) and onions in a light soy sauce. $7.95

I realize these are two separate dishes, but I liked to mix them together.

We also had their sampler Appetizers (Crab Rabgoon, shrimp toasts, chicken on skewers, and Spring Rolls). $7.95

We usually just drink water, but once we went with our extended family and friends )(for my 40th birthday!) and lots of folks got their Fresh Lemonade.  It was super yummy.

The portions were large, so you will have plenty to share or to bring home some leftovers.

The ambianace was sort of fast-food/chinese seeming.  The bathroom was adequately clean, but nothing to brag about.  Service tended to be slow, but I am a patient person so that did not bother me much. The prices were outstanding considering the cuisine- in a more upscale location they could have demanded twice the price and would have been totally acceptable.

Kid friendly- yes, if they can handle the slow service.  Mine did not seem to mind.  Had highchairs.

They were able to adjust every food to make it more or less “hot” to suite your taste and easilly made substitutions and adjustments.

Will we go back?  Absolutely!


11606 Shelbyville Road

Louisville, KY40243


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