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Have you ever called 9-1-1? The question they ask is: What is your emergency?

Recently, right here in Louisville KY we have had power outages due to storms. We had a water main break and have had part of the city on a “water boiling” requirement. Highways have been completely blocked by wrecks leaving motorists stranded on the highway for hours. Several of my family members are out of work, and have been for quite a long time.

Simple emergencies happen all the time around here. The other day, my daughter, Anne Mary asked me if I am a “prepper.” Owning our wheat business has put us in contact with lots of folks who are “survivalists” or “preppers” who are basically folks who try to store, train, and prepare themselves and their families to be prepared for any emergency situation long or short -term. Some of these people believe a total collapse of the economy and government is coming at any moment. Others believe that our country is one natural disaster away from complete anarchy.

Yet, we also know others who have no desire to prepare whatsover.
So when my daughter asked me if we are “preppers” , I had to admit that I am somewhat prepared and somewhat not.

There are minor emergencies that happen all the time and for which I hope to be prepared:

  • Short-term loss of electricity (Generators/gas/batteries/flashlights/cooking source)
  • Short -term loss of water (stored water and water purification system)
  • Short term food shortage (stored food)
  • Car breakdown on the side of the road (Bag in car with first aid, snacks, water, spare diapers, sunblock)
  • Loss of my husband’s job (savings, alternative income sources)
  • Minor every-day injuries (first aid, training)

I am better prepared than I was a couple of years ago….but I still see lots of areas for improvement.  Recently I went to a website where  you can calculate how much food you are suggested to have in storage and realized that I am dismally below the mark on many of the food areas.  I am prayerfully considering how much of my family’s time and resources should be dedicated to storing some things for emergencies and how much we must simply walk in faith.

I also realize that as food costs continue to climb higher that if I have food that has a stable shelf-life, I am better off buying it sooner rather than later- that is just smart budgeting.  For that reason, I plan to store more rice, beans, wheat, honey, oil (1 year shelf life on oil), sugar, salt, and some canned items.  I am also getting back into my garden again after taking a couple of years off.  The children have continued doing the garden, but without my help, so the yield has decreased.

What are you doing for emergency preparedness?  Where do you fall in the spectrum?  What emergencies are common in your area?

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