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You’ve probably heard me mention my friend Shelley before.

She’s the one who teaches the online cooking class, Back to Basics.

Well, just last week she started up a new website on a

subject that’s near and dear to my heart.

Her new site is called Not Someday… Today.

And it’s all about Motivation and Self-Discipline.

You know how some days it’s just so hard to get anything done?

I know that feeling too.

So when I asked Shelley to tell me a bit about her new site,

here’s what she shared with me:


Here’s Shelley…


Hi, my name is Shelley. I’m an Anglo Canadian, who married

a French Canadian, who now lives in Paris, France 🙂

I own two companies, and have just launched a brand new

motivation website called Not Someday… Today.

But right away, I want you to know that I am (what other

people might call) lazy.

For example, I regularly sleep 10 or even 12 hours at a time!

I haven’t sent an alarm to get up in the morning since 2003

(except to catch a flight, and honestly I try to schedule

all flights to be later in the day just so I can sleep in!).

But I also know something IMPORTANT about myself.

When I have enough sleep, I find it *much* easier to get

work done during the day, including ‘hard’ work like

writing, thinking, and planning.

And if I haven’t had enough sleep, I feel crummy all day

long, like there’s a big storm cloud directly over my head.

I eat more than I should when I’m tired (thinking that the

sugar rush will get me going). I procrastinate more when

I’m exhausted.

And any work that I DO manage to talk myself into doing

when tired, happens only with a ton of background noise

in my head the whole time (i.e. “This is too hard,

I really hate this project, I should wait and do this

tomorrow when I’ve had enough sleep, I can’t be expected

to perform when I feel this crummy.”)

So, I know some things about myself, and about how I work

best, from many years of trial and error.

And I also know how to TRICK myself into getting things done.

Here’s my question for you.

What is ONE THING that you know about yourself

that helps you get more done? Is it more sleep? Regular

exercise? A reward? A good view? The right pen? A deadline?


If you go now to Shelley’s new site, you can see her chatting

on the home page. She shares a tip right there in her

welcome video that’s guaranteed to help you get more done

starting today 🙂

See her video here > Not Someday… Today

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