Making Your Daily Plans “Chaos to Order” style

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From a reader:
Hello there. I recently purchased the “From Chaos to Order” download and really enjoyed it! I found it so practical and simple and am trying to implement it. I was just wondering…you said to make all of your decisions for the day in the first half hour? Did I hear that right? And could you expound on it a little? I haven’t actually been very good at that part but I have been trying to do it at least.

Hi friend:
Here is what I do. Each day is designated for something. For example it could be Kitchen Day, Paperwork Day, Errand Day, etc. On Kitchen day, I obviously cannot spend my whole day in the kitchen. So I get out my kitchen day list (a list where I keep ALL the possibilities listed for Kitchen Day) and I chose the 3 most important items from that master list. Throughout the day and around all my other activities I go back to that list and complete each of those items, Lord willing. Then, if I have time to spare, I choose 3 more. I try to do this prayerfully, and fi it around all the urgent and immediate needs of the day. I may not always get everything done, but I get far more done than if I have no plan at all.

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  1. petersonclan

    Malia- do you have the downloads somewhere of your lists for the different days? I know each person would have to tweak them, but a jumping off point would help the overwhelmed…

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