Once-A-Month Cooking Family Favorites Review

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I just received a review copy of Once-A-Month Cooking Family Favorites by Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg.  The good news is that I get to give this fantastic book away to one of my readers, so in order to win just leave a comment below and tell me:

1.  Have you ever tried freezer cooking?

2.  If yes- tell me your favorite freezer meal.

I will draw one name and notify the winner via email at the end of the month.  If the winner does not claim their prize by replying to me with their address withing 72 hours, I will choose an alternative winner.


Like most freezer books I have read, this one does cover the basics of freezer cooking including how to get started, equipment you will need, information about freezing and thawing and lots of good recipes. What makes this one unique are some features I have not really seen elsewhere:

1.  They help you determine your shopping lists by listing food in two or four week cycles so that you can simplify your shopping.  Then, using these recipes tell you what order to slice, chop, cook and assemble the meals.  This will make freezer cooking so much easier for the novice cook.  Oh- I almost forgot to mention that the shopping lists were even broken down by store section so you are not running all over the store with your list.

2.  I noticed that unlike other freezer cookbooks that focus solely on freezing entire entrees or meals ahead, this one does include quite a few recipes where you are only preparing parts of the entrees ahead for putting together as a full meal on cooking day.  This may be a benefit for those who are concerned about food not tasting fresh when it comes from the freezer, or who have limited freezer space.

3.  This book actually has a two-week cycle that is Gluten Free.  That will be a huge benefit to some of my readers who have this issue in their family.  The other cycles include a few regular cycles and a summer cycle and gourmet cycle.  Fun!  If you want to try out a FREE two- week cycle, you can go to their website and get one:


Now for the recipes:

This book has a very good mix of old-fashioned tried and true meals like meatloaf and Chicken Pot Pie, but it also has some of the new and popular dishes like Lemon Chicken, Fajitas, and Cranberry Pork Chops.

In my opinion, the method of teaching the reader the order in which to assemble the meals will make this an excellent book, especially for a person new to freezer cooking.  The mix of recipes are varied and tasty enough to be a great resource, even once you have been freezer cooking for years.

If you would like to win a copy, just scroll to the bottom and answer the questions from above.  I will draw the winner on October 30th.


  1. Kathy Butryn

    No, I haven’t tried Once-A-Month freezer cooking yet, but it is currently on my radar. I plan to “give it a go” at the beginning of December in preparation for the holiday season…and spend November “gearing up” with some planning, reading etc!

  2. Jennifer

    No, I”ve never tried freezer cooking. Although I really do plan to! With a family of 8 to cook for, I am so not organized. I’m always staring at the fridge at 4:30 saying “Hmmm. What’s for dinner.” I need help! I am very good at following directions 😉 Thank you for the very helpful review!

  3. Nancy~Jane

    Yes one time many years ago I tried freezer cooking. I love crock pot lasagna it was the best and easiest thing to do. However one thing I remember most about that one time was the things I made that, when we did cook it no one in the family liked. That was very disappointing.
    I love the idea of having meals on hand, easier menus and being able to share when the need arises.

  4. Julie Tietz

    I am ready to try freezer cooking, not only to bless my family but to help others. We have lots of Mommies having babies and a meal is always needed. It would be great to grab one from the freezer and be ready to go! Thank you for your newsletter!

  5. Jayne

    No, I have never tried freezer cooking. I am nervous because a lot of the recipes are new to my family so I am afraid to try them out. I hope to have the courage soon because it would make eating out not so tempting and staying on a budget much easier 🙂

  6. Jenni Rom

    I haven’t tried freezer cooking exactly but I’m moving in that direction. I do double a lot of our soup recipes and some casseroles so I can freeze one and eat the other, and as soon as I buy all my ground meat I brown it and freeze it for quick use.
    Thanks for making this offer.

  7. Sandy Wells

    i loved your email this month! What beautiful wedding pictures! I have a daughter getting married in Dec. so had fun perusing all the pics.
    I have not tried freezer cooking before, but would like to. thanks for the opportunity and great newsletter.

  8. Beth S.

    It has been a long time since I’ve tried OAMC. I think my favorite recipe is fajita’s so easy to have everything bagged up together to grab out of the freezer and make a quick meal.

    I love your newsletter!

  9. Kyria

    I have never tried OAM cooking, although I’ve been aware of it for a long time. The gluten free feature would be very helpful for our family!

  10. Kristen H

    I have never tried freezer cooking where you make a lot of meals in one day. I have frequently made extra portions of meals and froze one or two to have later. I would love to win this book.

  11. Pattyj

    I have never tried freezer meal cooking, but have always been interested since I first heard of it. Due to lack of freezer space, it just wasn’t practical for us. However, we are building our first home and it has a huge pantry with room for a big freezer or two! We move in in a couple months. Would love to try the once a month cooking. I have 7 kids- 17 down to almost 2 year old.
    Thanks for the info,

  12. Martine

    I freezer cook all the time, but I would love to try the Gluten Free cycle in the book. Some of our favourite recipes are Porcupine Meatballs and BBQ Pulled Chicken.

  13. Linda

    Sounds like a wonderful plan to be better organized with cooking and a great use of freezer space.. Thanks

  14. Gay Taunton

    I tried Once-A-Month Cooking before my daughter was born and enjoyed it. Our favorite recipe that I remember was the chicken nuggets. I remember my husband thinking ther were wonderful. He also liked knowing that dinner was mostly done and we had a plan for the month. Those 2 days of work are definitely worth it.

  15. Tabita

    Yes, I’ve tried freezer cooking. Haven’t tried once-a-month freezer cooking yet, but would love to. My favorite freezer meal is Tortellini Soup. I think I got that recipe from you, Malia, when you had it as a freebie. We also like the Black beans and Rice (from you as well). I would love to get some bulk freezing done this winter as my fourth little one is due in Feb. and my olderst is four. Thank you for the newsletter as well!

  16. Christine Fierek

    I haven’t tried freezer meal preparation yet. I have been wanting to and need to badly as my family is always ready for dinner before I’ve fixed it. I look forward to spending much less time in the kitchen every evening. Thank you for this opportunity.

  17. Katrina

    I’ve tried some basic freezer cooking, but mainly just doubling recipes (like lasagne, meatloaf, banana bread…). I’ve not actually used any recipes specifically for the freezer. It would be great to have this book and really make an effort to do OAMC!

  18. Debi Foreman

    I have never tried freezer cooking but it sounds like it might be an answer to prayer for me. I am having such difficulty trying to juggle home school, home management and we run our own business from our home so hubby works out of the home as well. BUSY! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  19. Heather

    I have never tried this method either. I would be very interested in reading the book and learning how to do it.

  20. Patricia Mack

    I have never tried freezer cooking but it is on my list to start doing as with my health problems,I have good days and bad days and this way my family will always have a healthy meal

  21. sarah

    Thanks for the contest and your GREAT site!!

  22. Kari Hermanson

    Years ago several girl friends and I tried doing a cooking co-op. We each picked three recipes to make. We each made a double batch for each person. Then we met and swapped dinner. It was great having all these dinners in the freezer. All we really needed to add was salad and a veggie. I keep on thinking I should do more being a mom of 7 and home educator. Thank you for your encouragment.

  23. Melissa

    I tried many, many years ago, but the freezer went out and we did not replace it. I woul dlove to try again and try the once-a-month freezer cooking.

  24. Anja Knuth

    Yes, I have tried freezer cooking. I have 4 kids (2,4,6,& 8). I am sooo not organized, but when I tried freezer cooking, I loved being able to pick from the freezer einy, meeny, miney, mo. Getting enough time to put them together a head of time is the current issue. My family’s favorite is the Turkey Tettrazinni. Thank you!

  25. Sally

    No, I have not done OAMC. I do try to keep muffins, quick breads, and cookies stocked up in the freezer. I also fry up minced meat and bacon and keep them in the freezer to cut down on meal preparation time. The only meal I have purposely made ahead of time and frozen was lasagna. Would love to try out other recipes.

  26. Nancie

    Hi.. I have never tried freezer cooking.. I KNOW I need to..With 3 boys and a husband, the eating is constant and I feel like I run raged at meal time.. I was interested to hear that the book covers gluten free meals.. I have Celiac Disease and suspect one of my boys may have it.. I was diagnosed a year and a half ago and it has been tough making quick easy meals. Everything requires deep thought of possible gluten sources and I find that sometimes I forgo a meal because I am running in circles… I would love to hear more about freezer cooking and maybe possible ideas for getting others involved.. We have just moved to MD so I am now out of the area.. a job loss and loss of a house, I am learning how important it is to be better prepared.. Thanks Malia for all of your hardwork, especially with all the things that have you pulled in different directions…

  27. Julie

    Yes I have OAMC book by the same authors that I bought many years ago. It
    is in pieces that I have to hold together just to read a recipe! I would love to have their newest one! My favorite meals were (and still are) calzones, lasagna and sloppy joes. I really love this cookbook and the way the authors actually taught me how to freezer cook! I am enjoying getting to know you through your newsletter and blog! Great info!

  28. Maranda

    I am starting to enjoy cooking a little in bulk, but am running out of inspirations for meals, lol! Our library doesn’t have a good selection of books for this and I’ve been eyeballing some at the bookstore! Here a chance…maybe I can win it, lol!

  29. Mary

    Love once a month cooking – vol. 1 ~ helps to be ready for dinner on short notice and allows for emergencies, which happen when you have kids. Also great for hospitality in your own home or when a friend needs a meal – whether for babies births or funerals..
    Love the sweet & sour chicken.

  30. Eileen

    I have tried some freezer meals, but nothing stands out as a favorite. I would love to have more meals ready to go in the freezer, I’ve done some pressure canning for the first time this fall, and hope to get more ready-to-eat food that way too.

  31. Barb Heither

    I’ve never tried once-a-month freezer cooking, but if I’m making something like turkey pot pie or enchiladas, I always make extra to put in the freezer for alter. I’d love to try more/different freezer meals.

  32. Karyn

    I would love this great resource as I have not yet tried freezer cooking. The gluten free portion would be a great help as well because of family get togethers. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  33. Theresa

    I’ve never tried freezer cooking, but would love to! And the idea of only having to cook once a month is very appealing!

  34. Amy Carter

    I would love to try once-a-month cooking! I’ve heard about it, but have never taken thte time to try. This would be a great start. Thanks for all you do for us! 🙂

  35. Kimberly

    I have tried freezer cooking, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done any. I really liked cooking several pounds of ground beef together with vegetables to freeze in one-pound increments for use in various recipes, I’ll have to do that again 🙂

  36. Tammy

    Yes, I’ve done a bit of freezer cooking. We had to moved a few months ago and baiscally lived off the freezer for 2 months before the move! Our all time favorite feezer meal is Teriyaki Pork Chops. The Teriyaki sauce isn’t plesant to smell as it’s cooking up but that’s one smell the entire family HAPPILY endures. Thank you for your newsletter!

  37. JenniLyn

    Gluten Free Cycles, that sounds like a great help to me with a little one that is gluten free and another that is soy free I have to look at doing most the cooking at home and need more time to get it all done.

  38. Cindy Ludlam

    I have never tried freezer cooking, (I am an ‘expert’ with my crockpot) and would like to add variety to my family of 5’s menu. The days I spend homeschooling and we go way over our time, it would be nice to pop something in the freezer.

  39. Loree

    I have only tried freezer cooking once and the book I used was complicated and the servings didn’t make enough for my large family. This book sounds like it might be really helpful! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas on this website! What a blessing!

  40. Southern Gal

    No, I haven’t actually freezer cooked. But I was blessed with a few freezer meals from a friend who brought over lasagna and beef stroganoff. They were delicious. I’d love to try my hand at it. It’s just a little intimidating to me, plus I don’t usually find healthy meal options that freeze well.

  41. Deb Frank

    I plan to do more freezer cooking! We are going to start a casserole club at our church and I will need to have at least one meal in there at all times.

  42. Sandi

    I came across your site through another blogger. I love it! I’m trying to do the cooking once a month….and not getting very far. This book can be very helpful!! Again, love the website. Thank you!

  43. Amy in ne

    I love making ahead any parts or whole meals I can and would love to see the ideas in this book. Right now we freeze mostly taco or sloppy joe meat and lasagnas…love lasagna as a quick meal from the freezer! I would like to try some other meals but hesitate because I don’t want to ruin anything and waste it…this book sounds like it would be very helpful.

  44. Diane

    I have tried Freezer Cooking. Life is easier when we have the meals in the freezer, but I haven’t consistently done it. I do buy big amounts of hamburger and cook them up, put them in the freezer in 1 pound amounts, and pull them out when I need a quick start to a meal. That helps. Thank you for the newsletter and chance to get the book.

  45. Sundae Woodall

    I would love to try freezer cooking. I tried to cook a week at a time and it seemed too difficult, but maybe I was not aproaching it right with some guidence maybe it could be something that is very helpful to me. Thank You.

  46. Dineen Ford

    1. My only freezer cooking is to freeze dinner sized portions from large batches (of chili, spaghetti sauce, soups, or meatloaf). I’ve never done the prep it out prior to cooking then cook from the freezer sort.
    2. I would have to say that my favorite of “big batch then freeze” recipe/ meal is chili because it’s a complete meal with all the veggies and meat in one. It’s also just so easy to prepare in one pot, freeze in bags, defrost in bag and reheats so nicely.

  47. Michele Coates

    The first freezer cooking I have did was in connection with the Christmas Countdown at http://christmas.organizedhome.com/christmas-countdown where you double a recipe and serve half but freeze the other half. I’ve done this with meatballs, taco meat, and sloppy joe meat. Recently I made a double batch of Chicken BBQ in my crockpot and froze a meal’s worth, while we ate the rest for dinner that night. I also tried to freeze some chicken tetrazini but when it was reheated it was not very good.

  48. Molly

    I have never tried freezer cooking, but I would definitely like to do so!

  49. Karen

    I have tried the once a month cooking in the past. I have Mimi & MaryBeth’s cookbook from several years ago. The spaghetti sauce was my favorite because it was used in 4 recipes (Spaghetti, Veal Scallopine, Stuffed Manicotti, and French Bread Pizza). I would love to win the new book.

  50. laura

    I do some freezer – oamc type cooking. My favorite is lasagna. We are a small family – just 3 of us, so I make it in 8×8 pans instead of the cake pan size. I actually use the recipe from a differen cookbook by these same authors, and it is awesome!

    I also cook up big batches of some other things, like enhilada soup, chili, spaghetti sauce, mashed potatoes. There’s a recent post on my blog about freezing mashed potatoes if anyone is interested!

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