Once-A-Month Cooking Family Favorites Review

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I just received a review copy of Once-A-Month Cooking Family Favorites by Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg.  The good news is that I get to give this fantastic book away to one of my readers, so in order to win just leave a comment below and tell me:

1.  Have you ever tried freezer cooking?

2.  If yes- tell me your favorite freezer meal.

I will draw one name and notify the winner via email at the end of the month.  If the winner does not claim their prize by replying to me with their address withing 72 hours, I will choose an alternative winner.


Like most freezer books I have read, this one does cover the basics of freezer cooking including how to get started, equipment you will need, information about freezing and thawing and lots of good recipes. What makes this one unique are some features I have not really seen elsewhere:

1.  They help you determine your shopping lists by listing food in two or four week cycles so that you can simplify your shopping.  Then, using these recipes tell you what order to slice, chop, cook and assemble the meals.  This will make freezer cooking so much easier for the novice cook.  Oh- I almost forgot to mention that the shopping lists were even broken down by store section so you are not running all over the store with your list.

2.  I noticed that unlike other freezer cookbooks that focus solely on freezing entire entrees or meals ahead, this one does include quite a few recipes where you are only preparing parts of the entrees ahead for putting together as a full meal on cooking day.  This may be a benefit for those who are concerned about food not tasting fresh when it comes from the freezer, or who have limited freezer space.

3.  This book actually has a two-week cycle that is Gluten Free.  That will be a huge benefit to some of my readers who have this issue in their family.  The other cycles include a few regular cycles and a summer cycle and gourmet cycle.  Fun!  If you want to try out a FREE two- week cycle, you can go to their website and get one:


Now for the recipes:

This book has a very good mix of old-fashioned tried and true meals like meatloaf and Chicken Pot Pie, but it also has some of the new and popular dishes like Lemon Chicken, Fajitas, and Cranberry Pork Chops.

In my opinion, the method of teaching the reader the order in which to assemble the meals will make this an excellent book, especially for a person new to freezer cooking.  The mix of recipes are varied and tasty enough to be a great resource, even once you have been freezer cooking for years.

If you would like to win a copy, just scroll to the bottom and answer the questions from above.  I will draw the winner on October 30th.


  1. Lairie

    I have tried variations of this…but am anxious to try the real thing. Sounds like your book would be just the thing to get me started. I have made extras of lasagna, tater tot casserole and the like in the past and it has been very handy to have something good on hand.

  2. KM

    I’ve never tried once a month cooking, but I freezer cook all the time. I double almost every recipe. Sometimes 3x or 4x the casseroles. My mexican lasagna freezes really well. That’s a staple at our house so I try to 4x that one. I usually make enough pancakes for a few weeks all at once too.

  3. Kristin

    I have never tried freezer cooking, but I have been wanting to try it. With our #6 kiddo on the way I’m sure it would help keep things running smoothly!

  4. Kelly

    I haven’t tried freezer cooking but boy do I need it. I feel so disorganized and overwhelmed at dinner time. I would love to have a guide to help me prepare a healthy meal for my family.

  5. Cheryl E.Dimery,LPN

    I truly enjoy this newsletter/magazine. I’m teaching my granddaughters–homemaking skills! Once a month cooking is what we’ve been using! Does any one remember “The Palmer Method–Pen-
    manship, and the special ink pens that was used??” I would like to find those pens to work with
    my grands and I’ve viewed other Methods, and it would especially help one of my grands who
    has special Needs! Again Thank You, and continued success!!!!

  6. jaime underwood

    Last week I tried freezer cooking for the first time. It took me 2 days to do 10 recipes. I am convinced this process could be shortened. Any isuggestions welcomed. I believe it will be handy and save on time in the long run.

  7. Carol Paine

    I first read the authors’ once a month cooking book about 14 years ago. We had just adopted a sibling group of four children. We were overwhelmed. I saw this as my freedom from spending all my time in the kitchen. It was. What a marvelous book. I can barely read some of the pages these many years later as I have used them so much. In fact, we’re having marinated flank steak tonight for supper. From the frezer of course. Can’t wait to see this new book.



  9. Hillary Moore

    I have done some freezer cooking. I have made double or triple of some of our favorite casseroles, etc. and frozen. I did this prior to the birth of baby #5 nearly 2 years ago. It was so helpful in those first weeks. I need to get some more in the freezer now. We are expecting #6 in January.

  10. Amy

    I’ve tried freezer cooking on a small scale – not the true OAMC. If I plan well enough, I buy enough to double a recipe and freeze one. My favorite thing to freeze is an oldie but a goodie – lasagna. ;o)

  11. Dawn

    Yes, I love freezer cooking! I really enjoy lasagna made ahead.

  12. Barbra Mutchler

    I have never done freezer cooking. However, I’m very interested in trying it!

  13. Libby

    About the only thing I’ve ever cooked ahead and frozen is chicken. I just pull it off the bone after it is cooked and bag it in appropriate quantities for my favorite chicken casseroles.

  14. Susan

    I would love to win this book. I’ve done freezer cooking before but not in a long while. I am finally getting back to freezer cooking.

  15. Dawn Marie

    The closest I’ve come to freezer cooking was when some girlfriends and I paid to make meals ahead at a place called Doing Dinner here in Ocala, FL. We were able to choose 5 or so items off a list and then we moved to stations where we assembled meals. Then we put them in coolers and brought them home to our freezers.

    That company no longer allows customers to come in and assemble meals. You just pay them to do it. As nice as that sounds, I am now a stay at home mom. We can’t afford that luxury.

    I’ve been wanting to pick up a cookbook that will help me get started with freezer cooking. I have 3 boys, 2 dogs, and a hubby that keep me very busy so anything I can do ahead of time to cut down time in my kitchen, I’m all for it!

  16. Emily

    No, I have not tried freezer cooking. I do freeze some leftovers, and broth from crockpot pot roasts to have on hand for other recipes, but it would be great to have meals made up on hand for those days when home educating is too much fun to shift into preparing dinner! And although the girls (2 & 5) love to cook, they’d probably have more fun helping on a special monthly cooking day! Thanks for your book offer and the interesting things you write about. I pray all goes well with your new little blessing!

  17. Dorothy Mullet

    I have done some freezer meals. I’m not organized about it at all. I’d like to learn more. We are very busy in the summer with baking and would be so helpful to have an assortment of meals ready. When I do freeze meals it is normally casseroles. I’d like to add more variety. Easy Lasagna is our favorite.

  18. Joli Sidmore

    You have a wonderful site! I have to make time to read all of it though! LOL I like the ivory in my soap as well. My husband still isn’t sold on the homemade soap. I like it because the Tide smells like chemicals to me. Vey strong sented (yuk)!

  19. Gina Jolley

    I have not tried freezer cooking. I have been hearing more and more about it. I am interested in trying it for my family. We are always so busy with many activities that I sometimes forget to plan for dinners. I ususally just freeze left over chilli and veg,. soup. I have also frozen some of our fruit. I think this would help our family out a great deal. I am very interested in learnign more about it and how to go about doing it. I likle the idea of this book having a shopping list. I also like the gluten-free ideas in the book.

  20. Melanie

    I have tried OAMC only a little. Once a bigger and mostly unsuccessful plan. I would like to get better at it. Thanks for the offer! One thing I do is make a big batch of pasta and then freeze several meals worth with cheese on top.

  21. Julie Koehn

    I have done different variations for freezer/OAMC for years, starting when my oldest (now 16) was little. In fact, I learned how to do it from their first book. I have used several different methods and lots of different recipes since then. Since I have a larger family now, for the last couple of years I have focused mainly on purchasing and pre-cooking large quantities of hamburger meat (an 80-lb. case) and chicken (a 40-lb. case) and freezing them in portions ready to be used to make quick meals. I also prepare large quantities of spaghetti sauce, chili, and taco meat with the hamburger, since I know we will be using those regularly. However, I am still always on the lookout for new and good freezer recipes, because I do like to have ready-to-cook dishes available in the freezer too.

  22. Helene

    I’ve not done Once a Month cooking though frequently cook “mega” meals–large batches–and then freeze 2-3 meal’s worth to use at a later date. I have “Dinner’s in the Freezer” by Jill Bond and have enjoyed using her ideas and recipes in this way. It allows me to have various meals cooked ahead in the freezer without doing it all at once. I’d enjoy reading Once A Month Cooking Family Favorites and seeing how to implement it into our home.

  23. Beverley

    No I haven’t tried once a month cooking, would love to try it and get my meals oraganized.

  24. Holly Schaad

    Malia, First just let me just note that after reading your Happy October e-mail I have to say that you are an amazing woman. Congratulations on the new baby! I think I need a copy of your to do list for a month. Anyway I bought a OAMC cookbook and looked at it but haven’t done anything with it yet although I do make double and triple recipes of favorites all the time and stick one in the freezer. Lately I feel like that old woman in the shoe – only instead of children I have chores and hobbie and don’t know where to start. Holly

  25. Tina

    I have never tried once a month cooking, but I have prepared a few things to freeze like lasagna and leftovers at times, but in the case of the lasagna, I think I cooked the noodles too much for freezing! This cookbook sounds great!

  26. Kim Weese

    I like making a large batch of Spaghetti sauce and freezing it in gallon size freezer bags, They lay nice and flat allowing for several bags. You can use the sauce for whatever you feel like, lasagna, spaghetti with whatever pasta you have on hand, ravioli, or even a soup base.

  27. Amy

    I’ve never tried freezer cooking, butI’ve always wanted to. It would be great to win this cookbook!

  28. Katie Phillips

    While – I haven’t tried complete freezer meals – I have froze partial meals – by freezing my meat after cooking it. How easy and quick to make a pot of chili or spaghetti sauce – when all I have to do is take out my frozen and measured cooked hamburger meat – and simply add my seasoning ingredients. Plus this is a great way to buy when on sale and use later. The cookbook sounds like a great resource for busy homemakers. Thanks for your site – while I am new to finding it – it has a lot of interesting information.

  29. Tanya

    I think I will try this freezer cooking. You see I have a beautiful freezer that only holds
    froozen foods not meals. And now that my son’s activites fall during dinner time I need a
    way to get things done. So I am hoping this will help in that.

  30. Shanna Clark

    I’ve never tried freezer cooking, but I’m desperate to learn!

  31. Debbie

    I have not tried OAM cooking though I have heard of it a long time ago. I dread the cooking day but it would be nice to have meals ready in the freezer. Homeschooling the last year or so has been such that I need meals ready-to-go so I can finish school without dreading meal prep time and a late supper.

  32. Sarah N

    Yes, I have tried “freezer cooking” – after a fashion. When I was a child Mama and my grandma would prepare and freeze ahead foods they would contribute to a funeral dinner at church, so that if there was short notice they could still take something. They usually did beef roasts and pound cake.
    My family raves over my lasagna, but it’s not worth messing up the kitchen to make just one meal. I get those disposable cookware pans and freeze at least 6 pans when I’m putting together a lasagna meal (2 pans per meal at my house). I also have done chicken casserole in the freezer.
    I bake cornbread and wheat bread ahead for ingredients in dressing for Thanksgiving, then crumble, toast, & freeze, and they are ready to go straight into the dressing. I have also precooked the celery & onion in butter and frozen it for dressing ingredients.
    I would love to win the ebook – please pick me! 🙂

  33. Celeste Edwards

    I would love to try once a month cooking, but question how much freezer space would be required to cook for a family of 8.

  34. Charlene

    I am interested in doing freezer cooking. I have started working, and have found that it is harder to have the energy to make food for supper after being gone all day. Also, new dietary restrictions have made it more of a challenge. I have been freezing cookies but need something healthy in the freezer too!

  35. Desiree' Duong

    I have not tried freezer cooking, and have in fact just become aware of it! I am a homeschooling mother of 5, and am admittedly late boarding the Organized Train, but at least I’m on now!!! I thank God for you and your willingness to pour into others. Blessings on you and your home!

  36. Desiree' Duong

    I have only recently just heard of freezer cooking, and am excited to get started! I thank God for you and your willingness to pour into others lives. Bless you and your home. Signed: Homeschooling mom of 5, belatedly boarding the Organizational Train!

  37. Kristy

    Yes. Here is the recipie or the concept…it came from a Pamperd Chef lady…you put frozen chicken pieces (I have used boneless skinless tenders) into a gallon freezer bag, then pick your one bottle of salad dressing or BBQ sauce or bottle of marinade from your pantry (I like Ranch dressing or Honey Mustard dressing and BBQ sauce) and pour it into the freezer bag that has the frozen chicken in it and put in freezer. The night before you are ready to have this for dinner, take it out of the freezer and put in the frig. The next day, at dinner time, take it out of the frig and put it in a pan and bake it in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes (more time for a larger amount of food, use your thermometer to ensure it’s done).

  38. Danielle Hull

    I have not done a true freezer meal plan for 2 or more weeks. What I have done is make an extra large batch of a few things, not eating any for leftovers! My favorite is Roast Beef Burritos. I freeze the burritos separate from the cheese and sauce, so if hubby needs something for work he can grab a couple burritos to go. Thanks for all your helpful ideas!

  39. Sidne Erwin

    I just started doing some freezer cooking last week. So far, I really enjoy it! I have always kept a freezer filled with ingredients – meat, vegetables, etc., but now, I am trading my ingredient space for finished goods. Since this is our second year homeschooling three children, I believe this method will truly rescue dinner (and maybe mom’s stress level!) Thanks for this opportunity!

  40. Elizabeth Simons

    I do some freezer cooking, usually either lasagne and chili, but I also freeze stuff from my garden. I would love to try cooking a month’s worth of meals at a time as I often get distracted by the kids’ activities and find myself short of time when it comes to getting a good dinner on the table,

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