December Contest: Favorite Winter Days

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What is your favorite thing to do with your family on cold Winter Days?  For this contest, we will draw a name, so everyone who enters has an equal chance of winning.

The prize this month will be a copy of:  Building a Godly Home by Max Lucado which includes a CD with 4 Max Lucado Audio Messages.


  1. Nancie

    My favorite thing to do on cold winter days is…I like doing so much with my boys.. Winter is a magical time of year. I like making hot chocolate and snuggling together while we watch a movie. Or playing hide and seek.. Yes I am a big kid at heart..Our tradition is getting into our car putting on christmas music and riding around looking at the lights..Its the most wonderful time of the year..God is so important to teach especially this time of year. We talk about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas..God Bless you all and have a great season..

  2. Angie

    Cold Winter Days….my favorite thing to do is to stay home! I bundle up the kids and they play together in the frosty air. Then we all have hot chocolate, with lots of marshmallow creme, while I read aloud a favorite book. Before Christmas we also love spending time together watching some of our favorite Christmas Movies, especially “The Polar Express.” We also love to spend the cold days leading up to Christmas working together to make yummy Christmas cookies and candy which we will later deliver to all of our neighbors. After the holidays, we still enjoy the cold white days and find plenty of time to sled and build snow forts (or try to build them anyway).

  3. Melissa

    Our favorite thing to do in the winter is to go sledding in the mountains and then drink some hot cocoa by a warm fire and read a book or tell a story. We also like to drive around and look at christmas lights. When it is snowing out we like to try to catch the snowflakes and make a snowman.

  4. Ashli

    Here in Texas it can be cold one day and hot the next. However, on cold days we go out to the park. At night our city’s park is decorated with lights. We all love to run through the tunnel-of-lights, walk the park, and wear our cool 3D glasses that makes the lights look different. After we are all done, we come home have some hot chocolate and read a Christmas story.

  5. Marcy

    My (almost) 8 year old absolutely love winter, especially when it snows. His favorite thing to do is go out and play in the snow for as long as he can stand it, then rush in knowing that Momma will have a fire going in the fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate ready to warm him up. And this year, our new tradition started the other day. With the first snowflake, we rushed to get to Dairy Queen for their buy one get free “snowy day” blizzards. Peppermint chip….yummy!

  6. Shannon Morris

    Cold days…. here in W. Tn they seem colder than in Mi. due to a damper air. The kids and I love to sit by our corn stove and listen to holiday music or watch holiday programs on the tv. Love to go out in the snow, but its usually gone by none on the rare occasions when we do get snow. My son wants to go caroling this year… But the thing we do the most is make cookies, and breads and stuff like that… Happy Holidays to everyone!

  7. Malia

    Congratulations, Marcy! You won! Send me your address via email and I will send your prize to you right away!

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