Using Zucchini

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I know there are 1000 recipes on the web for using Zucchini, but many of them call for ingredients I do not have, so I have to spend money to buy ingredients to try a new recipe to use an ingredient I get for free.  That can be fun, but when I have some lovely squash, sometimes it is best just to use it with what I have.

One thing I like to keep in the house is Spaghetti Sauce.  I make it homemade in the summer when tomatoes are going crazy, but right now, I have no ripe tomatoes, so I bought some jars of spaghetti sauce ($1.00 each at Aldi’s) and added onions and zucchini to make it a lovely, bright, sauce full of these wonderful vegetables.  You can chop them pretty small or leave them more chunky.  (oh, if you are afraid your kids will not eat it, you can shred them and run the whole batch through a blender.

Using a different type of pasta (besides spaghetti) can make a low-budget, ordinary meal seem special. Happy Homemaking!

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