Anne Mary’s Schedule – Age 7

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Here is Anne Mary’s schedule , but we use that word kind of loosely. If I decide to let the girls sleep in a little because they are sick or were just up late the night before, I can adjust any part of this to make the day go smoothly. Routine is in half hour increments unless noted.

Anne Mary’s Routine (age 7) Gets up at 7:00 am
Breakfast and Bible In a Year with Mom
Morning routine (Morning Routine: Get dressed, PJs away, Make bed, Brush teeth, Clean bathroom, Brush Hair, Straighten Bedroom, Pet care)
Science or History
Reading/Math Help
Playing with David
AWANA/Memory Work
Daily Chores
Catch Up Time/Character
Hands on Together with Mom
Drill/Memory Work
Finish School Work Assigned or Free
Afternoon Chores(Straighten House, put away all books and papers,help with Dinner)
Watching David
After Dinner Routine

We do not have a night routine. Once our after dinner routine is finished, we all hang around and visit, play, act silly until David goes to bed around 9:00 PM. The we discuss our Bible in a year and character work done throughout the day, with my husband leading discussions.

Now, I realize that is pretty structured.  I do fluctuate how I am scheduling our days.  Right now, I am going for more structure because I have several projects going and need to make sure I am not neglecting the important duties of motherhood, wife, and home educator and being stricter helps me do that.  When life is pretty relaxed, this tight of a schedule would be too much.  What are your favorite scheduling tips?  What does a typical day at your house look like?


  1. MeadowLark

    sigh… pray for me? I’ve 7 kids only 6 at home. Mine are from 3 to 15 that are home. we finally get everybody up by 9am! It’s a fight. Breakfast done by 11.. still fight to get the dishes done by 15 yr old. ugh. I admit …. I’ve house full of special needs kids. Still, they are capable. I just cant seem to get the crew going. I deal with adhd,autism,bi-polar, etc.. and I’m diabetic.ugh.I”m signing up for your newsletter too!

  2. Malia

    I will pray for you. We have tried mny different ideas over the years, but their wake-up time is very much reliant upon their bedtime. If yours are having a hard time getting up, it may simply be because they are not in bed at night early enough. If your children are on medication for their various special needs, this can be even more critical. Sometimes medications times can affect sleep and the effectiveness of the sleep. I would be less concerned with what time they actually get up, and more concerned about their character once they are awake.

    I think my children do better when they know there is a plan in place and everyone is expected to follow it. This is especially true of chores and routines. We do have some routines that they do every day. This helps it become a non-negotiable and helps folks just do their part without questioning it. Also, if they see others follwoing through cheerfully on work, then they will do likewise.

    ADHD kids may have their difficulties, but they do have a lot of energy. Praise them for that and teach them good things to do with it. Let them know how much you appreciate their extra energy and how much you need them to use it to help with the cheerful running of a household. Depending on the nature of your special needs children, look at their special God given differences and see where you can teach them about the blessings of it.

    My children at home are now 3-17. This is the time when the days are long and the years are short. I will pray for you. Keep in touch and let me know how it is going.

    God bless,

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