Book Review: The Pastor’s Assignment (A Pocket Full of Nickels) by Rebekah Wilson

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I just finished reading a sweet book called:  The Pastor’s Assignment by Rebekah Wilson.  This was a precious book.  I know it will be one my daughters love.  The plot of the book was simple and easy to follow, but it carried a depth of insight.

The stories told about the Nickel family as they go about their normal lives are great.  The plot gets you interested, then each section taught some neat lessons in a very casual, natural way.  For example. the family has a power outage and the parents and chilodren discuss alternative light sources,t hen experiment with different types of home made oil lamps and discuss their findings.  The reader really does learn a wealth of information about oil, wicking and candle making, but it does not feel reading a science lesson. 

This book also includes several scriptures that fit the scenario and seem very natural, not contrived.  I love this series, and hope to read more.  Each book also comes with an accompanying inexpensive unit study covering in more depth the things of interest from the book.  I have not had a chance to see those, but would like to see that soon.  I think you will like this series.

The story also has some heartwarming plot elements, such as an elderly neighbor the family helps.  It is written in a way that reminds us of a time when neighbors naturally just looked out for one another.  It is written in modern language, but reflects the hearts of what often seems a distant generation.  I hope that by reading these stories, and more like it, my children will see the naturalness and beauty of helping and loving one’s neighbors.

I recommend this book to children who are reading fairly well (eight and up), but as an adult I actually liked it quite well.  It was light reading, but thought provoking.  It even helped remind me how easy it is to incorporate lessons into our daily routines.  I hope your family will like it as well.  If you would like to see this book, it is available at:  Be sure to tell her I sent you!  She also has a website called:  I think I need to go check that one out today.  While typing this, my son has gone to get all his toy cars and has spread them all around me on the couch.  (sigh)

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