30 Day Gourmet Freezer Cooking Manual for Once a Month Cooking

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30 Day Gourmet

30 Day Gourmet

 There was a row of building stones all around in them, all around the four of them; and cooking hearths were made under the rows of stones all around. 

 Ezekiel 46:23

When I first started “Freezer Cooking” I had no idea what it was all about. I never even considered the idea of freezing food ahead and putting it in the freezer for a later meal. I could barely get the meal for that night on the table! Then, the moms group that I was in said that the 30 Day Gourmet Women were coming to do a seminar on freezer cooking. I loved the idea. I was so excited! Sadly, at the next meeting we were told that the freezer cooking topic was canceled. I was disappointed, but the seed was planted. I did an internet search and found out about 30 Day Gourmet. For Christmas that year I asked for the 30 Day Gourmet Freezer Cooking Manual for Christmas. My MIL came through and ordered it for me!

I read the book and caught the vision! I could make a ton of meals for my family and not have to fight the “What’s for dinner tonight” battle every night! Over the years I have used the techniques learned in that book in many ways, with several moms who have cooked with me. My children all join me in the kitchen and are some of my best helpers.

A feature of the book that I still really love is that they give you a password and login for a “members only” area of their website that has new recipes, more great worksheets you can update on your home computer, and inspiring articles. I still frequent their website when I need new forms or recipes.

When I started teaching Freezer Cooking Classes to moms here locally, several asked me to write a resource just for freezer cooking. I did consider it, but I know that a great resource is already out there! I wrote to the authors and asked permission to sell their books at my seminars, so that I will have a ready-made product for people on the night they learn about Freezer Cooking. They consented, and even offered me part of the revenue! Wow.

When I received my first shipment of books from them, I was surprised. Some of the things I wished were improved in the orignal book had been improved in their latest edition. The book looked nicer, had an easier layout, and still had tons of great recipes.

I have supplemented their recipes over the years with ones found in other freezer cooking books from the libraries, or from recipes from friends, but it is still a great starting point and one I am pleased to recommend and now offer to my customers!

Other names you may hear for freezer cooking are: Investment cooking, Cooking Buddies, Make-Ahead dinners, Bulk Cooking, Frozen Assets, and OAMC or Once a Month Cooking. These are all just different terms for the same thing.

Check out the book now in our company store and let me know what you think!

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  1. Mrs Yoder

    My sister and I do what we call ‘cooking day’ or ‘cooking co-op’. We usually only do 2 weeks at a time though because any more than that and we probably would drop down dead at the end of it. But we have a lot of fun and usually 14 meals at my house get spread out so I can use them for emergencies or days when I want to get more accomplished around the house. When you are trying to eat more fresh foods and less cooked, a freezer meal isn’t always the thing. But if you have some, it helps a whole lot!

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