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Today I was shocked when I drove past a gas station and saw people lined up along the road for gas at $3.49 a gallon! Stupefied, I continued driving and noting the gas prices all along the way. Gas in Louisville, KY has jumped to $3.70 a gallon in an afternoon!

I know all the obvious basics about saving gas:
Combine trips, carpool, avoid rush hour traffic….

…but there had to be MORE I could do. I spent the entire evening researching ways that I could save gas. After reading dozens or articles, tips and reviews, I KNEW I had to share this information in a concise way for all my readers.

Then, I came up with a brilliant idea. Gas costs $3.70 a gallon here, and I NEED gas money, so I compiled all the useful, practical tips into a quick e-book for my readers. You can buy it for the price of a gallon of the lowest octane gas: $3.70 a gallon!

These are 30 tips you can use immediately. Were you once told that it was smarter to leave your car in idle than to restart your car? Is that true? Do you know? Is it better to run your A/C or roll down your windows? The answer will probably surprise you. Where can you find out the lowest prices in your town without driving around?

So, will you help me fill my tank while saving tons of money in yours? Buy your copy today!


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