Possible Conferences for your Church or Home Education Group

The Joy of the LORD is my strength. 10-20 minute devotional. Available on CD.
Keeping Young Ones Happy and Occupied During School Time. 35-45 minutes. Available on CD, without group discussion (only about 12 minutes). Can also be adapted to fit just moms of toddlers in general, without the Home School Emphasis. Includes cute handout charts with quick reminders for ideas in a fun format you can post in your home.
Casting Away the Stones of Bitterness and Judgmental Thoughts. The Hot Stone Treatment (A Spa for the Soul). Available on CD. Running time 37 minutes. In a group setting, allow one hour. This is a serious talk, for Christians, using the Bible as the source of truth.
From Chaos to Order: Bringing Organization to Your Home. Available on CD. 40 minutes. Also adaptable to “Bring Organization to your Home School with special points JUST for Home Educators. Allow one hour for discussion and questions. Also available in Workbook form! This resource has a strong Biblical emphasis.
Celebrating the Sabbath, Family Style: Help your family learn how to truly celebrate the Sabbath and find a day of rest for your soul. 35 minutes. This is an inspiring, uplifting talk that will leave you excited about the prospect of resting in the Lord once per week.
PMS and your Teen: Help your teen through this time of transition with grace and good health. 35 minutes, allow one hour for time for questions.
Dinner 9-1-1: Getting Dinner on the Table
– Topic One: How to plan and execute meal planning and preparations.
– Topic Two: Freezer Cooking Four Ways: Practical workshop to teach women how to prepare yummy meals for the freezer that can be used on those busiest nights.Marriage 9-1-1: Taking care of your marriage, while homemaking, raising children and just the basics of self-care can be an elusive task. However, Christian marriages are under attack and need strengthening. What are the most important things you can do to protect and enhance your marriage now? What do you do when things get tough?Teaching the Difficult Child:  Do you have a difficult child? Is everything a struggle? What do you do when one of your children is just “different” and you struggle daily with self-control, patience and loving kindness?

Serving Him With Your Gifts:  How do you use the specific gifts the Lord have given you to share His Word with others?

Managing the Multi-Level Homeschool– With several children in different grades, it can be difficult to keep everyone on track and moving at the appropriate pace. This practical workshop will teach you the ideas and techniques we (and others) have employed to effectively manage many grades at once. While Homeschooling my four children (and at times babysitting others full-time), I spent a significant amount of time researching and learning from mothers of many more children than I had. Using their wisdom, I put these to work for me and am so glad I did! Change the mayhem to peace and order, and get the important things accomplished in your home school day.

The Symphony of Routines– Making Routines that will work for your family.

For Churches or Home School Groups I do not charge a speakers fee. I do ask permission to bring my books and CDs for sale for those interested. For travel outside of Louisville, related expenses will be requested.

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