The Perfectly Imperfect Tea Party

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“I can’t do it.

My house is too messy.

My dishes don’t match.


Mismatched plates, cups, centerpieces and napkins. Photo by: Mary Hawkins

I don’t have enough cloth napkins that match.

The pretty paper napkins I have don’t match the dishes I have.

I can’t use paper plates.

What if no one else likes the tea I have?

What if they are gluten-free and can’t eat the snacks I made?


Benedictine Sandwiches Photo by: Mary Hawkins


Chicken Salad Sandwiches Photo Credit: Mary Hawkins


Photo Credit: Mary Hawkins

I don’t have time to make a cake AND clean the kitchen.


Photo Credit: Mary Hawkins


“I want to see my friends and bless them, so what I have is going to have to be good enough.”

Friends: “Oh, it looks so pretty! This was a blessing to me! I am so glad you invited me! We should do this again!”


*Cake by “Cakes for Adoption” Photo Credit: Anne Mary Russell

*Cake by “Cakes for Adoption” Lyndsey Ward

What lies are holding you back, friend? Go ahead. Invite that friend, send that text, make that call. No one cares if nothing is perfect. But they do care that you cared enough to offer what you have to make them feel welcome and loved.


Here’s Anne’s post about the same tea party:



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