Book Challenge: Eight Cousins

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15785815_10154783082447180_157255297_oThis weeks reading challenge book is Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott. (Author of Little Women and Little Men).

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The Popsugar reading challenge has categories that you seek, and this one is a book with a red binding. I had a few on the shelf, and this one looked short. Also, I really love this kind of book. I love old fashioned fiction, that takes my mind back to simpler days- but were they really simpler? What I am reminded of by reading books like this, is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The premise of this book is a young lady who is orphaned and put into the care of her aunts and uncles. Her uncle had all kinds of unconventional methods to help restore the young girl to health- including such dramatic things as playing outside in the sunshine, exercising, wearing comfortable non-binding clothes. He encouraged her to study difficult subjects and expanded her thoughts about the world by introducing her to foreign friends.

Much of the story centers around her relationship with her 7 male cousins, whom she grows to love and cherish as the year progresses. I love the way the book tucks in morals throughout the story. This book also seemed content to be a simple tale, each chapter just unfolding a little of her life. There was no huge build-up to a climax, no shocking twists. Just a chronicle of a young life, intermingled with moral encouragement.

As you may recall, I have not read much fiction in the last several years. This reading challenge is going to change that, I think. Back in the day when I was running the homeschool girl’s book club for girls ages 9-12, this would have been a perfect book for that age. I am glad I read it and look forward to reading this with Rebecca in a few years.


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