Picasso Tiles: Perfect Gift for a Four-Year-Old

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picasso tiles2-250I admit it. The WHOLE family is enamored with these amazing tile-like things that have magnetic edges. Daniel saw these toys at a friend’s house and played with them the entire evening. Seeing how long this simple toy kept him happily occupied for a long time, I bought him some for Christmas this year. They were on a Black Friday sale where they were the lowest price I have ever seen them. My only regret is that we got the smaller set. I wish I had purchased the larger set when they were on sale.

He has played with these for HOURS each day. Most of the time he plays alone, but every once in awhile he will let others join as well. Everyone, from Rebecca (age 2) to mom and dad (age 44) and everyone in between: 24, 16, 14, 9 and 4 LOVE LOVE LOVE these fascinating little blocks.

picasso tiles 3-250

He is a bit of an introvert, so that may be part of the reason they are so appealing to him. But even my extrovert kids like them.

picasso tiles 1250

He makes creations, both large and small, and just recently started adding in other toys from other sets (making barns for animals and such). Really cute.


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