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For years my husband did father-daughter dates, as well as Father-son Guys’ nights out. Usually I did not do these because I was with the children all day, every day and it seemed like they had enough of mama time. But in the teen years, this couldn’t be more true. The girls, being at the top of a bunch of siblings rarely get their few minutes to share their hearts or funny stories or anything else without being interrupted at least a dozen times. Also, I realized that my time with them is getting sparse. Lord willing, these lovely daughters of mine will adults soon and will no longer have the same freedom they have now to cancel their plans and go for a date with mom.

To this end, I have tried to find dates that I can do with just one child at a time that fits their personality.

Two Sisters Tea in Buckner, KY has been a perfect fit for my dates with Anne Mary. We first learned about it through a Living Social Deal. We took advantage of a great deal and booked our date. We arrived a little early to spend time in the “Dress up” section- there they have lots of hats and scarves and things to try on, and we had a mini-photo shoot (bring your camera!).

Next, we sat in the pink room and had a three tiered tray and two pots of tea. The nice thing about the tea is that it is bottomless- and you can change flavors as often as you like. Since we are “tea” people this was a true delight. We landed on a couple of favorites that we repeated on subsequent visits.

The food was perfect tea food- little portions of savory and sweet items (a little more emphasis on the sweet). Anne and I love to try new things, so this was great for us. Everything was served with the perfect blend of formality and joy. The subtle music was fabulous.

This is now our sweet spot. It’s perfect for an hour or two with her where we can chat, whisper, smile, be a little adventurous in a food kinda way, and have a conversation without continuous distractions and interruptions.

Do you want to book your own tea date?  Here is their website:


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