How to Care for Introverts

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Just found this picture on the internet. I am so glad to have this as a visual reference for my children in dealing with their sister and brother who are introverts.  We are a big, sometime loud, often funny family.  And we have two introverts.  Our introverts are about the sweetest children you will ever meet, if they will talk to you.  Otherwise they may seem aloof, uninterested, and a bit snobby.  I have so many memories of parties where my daughter, Anne Mary sat in a quiet place and read a book throughout the whole party.  Every one was worried about her.  They kept asking if she was okay.  Yes, she is fine.  She just prefers to be left alone.

She is also gifted.  She can memorize anything you put in front of her, but don’t ask her to compete.  “Bible Bowl would be fun for her.” No, not interested. But by the grace of God, she is willing to get up and share the Gospel message with anyone willing to ask her.  About this, she is bold, and confident and beautiful.

Meet Daniel, my other little introvert. He seems a little less quiet, once he will speak to you.  But he really does not mind playing alone.  Sometimes, he wanders which can be a little scary, because he just does not care.  He does not seem to shy away from people, but he needs his time in his room each day to re-charge.  Lately he has been asking for us to play with him more- and being  a busy mama, I admit his ability to entertain himself is a bit of a luxury. Now that he is branching out more, I need to be sure to give him the proper attention. The thing I need to respect for him more is to give him advanced notice of changes.  He seems to struggle through transitions and that is something I really did not expect.

Neither of these children will speak up much in a loud crown situation.  They don’t do well in situations where lots of people are talking over one another.  Neither want to be interrupted. As for the rest of the rules, they seem to be pretty applicable to all of us.

The main thing that is puzzling to their siblings is that they are not extroverts.  Extroverts seem to think they have all the fun because they do not understand the quiet joy of reading a book in your room. They are energized by people, and introverts are energized by quiet rest.

Well, enough reflection on my babies…..What about yours?

On trying to find the original creator of this design, I came across the following post by the designer:

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