52 Ways to Save Time: Do the Dreaded Thing First

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52 Ways to Save Time

Everyone has a chore they do not like.  For me, it is rinsing the cloth diapers to prepare them for washing.  I do not like the task at all, but I sure LOVE saving money by using cloth diapers for our daughter and granddaughter.  But, I found that because I dreaded doing that task, I would often do other distracting things to avoid it- things like check facebook, read a chapter in a book, and sometimes even sit and look at the T.V. as if I *like* Thomas the Tank Engine.  However, if I got the dreaded task done first, I was energized to move on with other tasks of the day.  Since I had a little pride at getting through the task I hate, I was often excited to see what else could be finished before the next need arose in the house. So, what is your dreaded task?  Just do it first.

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