My Simple Prayer

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I’ve heard it said the mother’s the glue that holds the family together.

Only let me be the glue, if you, Lord, are my tether.

If I am the glue, then let me be the kind that points to you

Give me strength for every moment, give me grace anew.


I see my children, Lord, each day as they work and grow

Help me to cheer them on the way, and make sure it’s You they know.

Let me be the kind of mom who sees the future and smiles

Remind me to be the mom who always walks those second miles.


While I serve my family Lord, help my body to be strong,

And correct me gently, but firmly Lord when I am doing wrong.

On rough days, long days, tiring days, give me kind words to share.

Oh, give me energy and the desire to keep them in your care.


As my patience is tried, Lord, make me more like Job

Remind me that it’s your ring I wear, and your Royal robe.

A daughter of the king walks with strength and dignity

Remind when to stand up Lord, and when to take a knee.


Let your Word be my daily bread as I prepare each meal

Remind me to do the things that are right, regardless of how I feel.

As I change diapers, and dust and sweep, and teach school every day,

Remind me the most important thing I can teach them is The Way.


Now for my husband, Lord, you know my many prayers,

Help him walk with you, Lord and keep him from all snares.

Make me the helpmate I should be, make me his biggest fan,

I am thankful for my best friend and love- a truly Godly man.


As my parents bodies slow, Lord, give them strength to get around

Surround them with their loved ones, Oh let your grace abound.

When they need help, let us be there, to provide all of their needs

Let us show them your untiring love with kind words, support and deeds.


Lord, I am so prone to wander, and try to take the easy way-

Keep me steadfast and strong like glue, to grow like you each day.

I don’t want to let them down, Lord, all those that cling to me,

But lest I make any of them fail, Give give them the victory.


Let their good deeds come from you Lord, let them give you the praise,

Let their struggles be for kingdom building, and never be a waste.

Give them strength for the journey and endurance for the race.

Please make our lives a testimony to your amazing grace.

-Malia Russell of Homemaking

(c) 2013

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