52 Ways to Save Time- Simplify Your Kid’s Wardrobes

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52 Ways to Save Time One of the thing I struggle with is keeping up with laundry.  I realized a few years ago that having lots of clothing leads to more laundry.  When my children could not easilly fit their laundry in their drawers, it would wind up on the floor and back in the dirty laundry.  I also realized that having lots of choices led to lots of time figuring out what matches and where things are located.

I decided that since I have a washer and dryer that we use regularly, I could eliminate down to about five outfits per child, plus, a couple of special occasion outfits. Likewise, five pairs of socks, five underwear, etc became the rule in my mind. We receive a lot of hand-me-downs from friends- and this has been a huge blessing to our family, but I realized that just because I got a whole bin of 2 T clothes, I did not need to get all of them out and store them in their drawers and closet.  I could go through, pick a handful of outfits, and leave the rest stored away until the first set wore out or needed a season change.  If I knew I would not use them, I went ahead and passed them on to the next family.

This saves time in several ways:

  1. No washing, drying, folding and carrying clothes twice because they fell back into the dirty laundry pile
  2. No pawing through drawers looking for things that match- with just a few choices, this is fairly quick
  3. No matching dozens of pairs of socks
  4. No working to put everything away.  The drawer or basket space is plenty big to hold what they have
  5. Its easy to update for a size or season change, and with this mindset, when you are going through the clothes, it is quick to make a donation or giveaway pile when you are getting new clothes (or new-to-you clothes).

Ready for more tips: http://www.homemaking911.com/2013/01/25/52-ways-to-save-time-where-are-your-keys/

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  1. Leesa C

    I have parred down as well but we have not gotten to 5 outfits yet. I wash the boys’ clothes one time per week. Each of the 4 have a separate basket. When their basket gets full, I wash and dry it. They fold and put away their own. This means NO SORTING! I love it! I got the idea from someone else but it really works! I will pare down more this winter season as the clothes are bulkier. Thanks for share what works for you!

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