Book Review: Simple Food for Busy Families

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I had the benefit of reviewing the book: Simple Food for Busy Families The Whole Life Nutrition Approach.

This was probably the best book I have seen in a long time to help families transition from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a whole foods approach.  Not only was the book packed with helpful information, it was also jammed with ideas to make a natural, easy transition from a less healthy way of living to a better, more natural way.  This book had great ideas for setting small, but powerful goals to help increase your family’s intake of healthier, tastier foods.  It was filled with appealing photos that made the whole foods pictured within look far more appealing than the frozen foods or highly refined foods you can pick up at the grocery.

This books does not have an “all-or-nothing” approach.  It talks about making simple transitions to healthier eating that were very much appreciated. Since healthier eating is always on my mind with six children, this book makes it seem like an obtainable goal, even if I am not ready to entirely give up all the convenience foods I have come to rely on to feed my family.

In addition to the educational qualities of this book, it also includes recipes for making whole foods deliciously in recipes that will appeal to your whole family, and that will not transition dinner hour to an all-day cooking marathon.

I wish I could get this book into every mom who is wishing her family ate better, but just feels overwhelmed with overhauling the family’s way of eating.


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