Snowy Day Activities

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It’s nice and cold around here, and January usually promises a few good snow falls. Whether your family is going out in the snow to play, or if your kids are stuck inside with an illness, it is a good idea to have a few ideas ready to go for those inevitable snow days.

Hot Chocolate

One of the traditions we have started here is that everyone goes out to play in the snow, but once the younger ones start to get too cold, I announce that I am taking the younger children inside to make hot chocolate for everyone.  This gives me the opportunity to get the younger ones in from the cold, changed into their nice, warm clothes, and then get the hot water going for hot chocolate.  By the time all that is finished, the other children start making their way inside.  I can help them handle all their wet clothes and boots and gloves without the distraction of trying to do the same for the younger children at the same time.  Purchase some cocoa and marshmallows ahead and hide them in the cabinet so they will not get used before the big snow.

Make Tea and Cookies

Have the ingredients on hand to make a simple cookie recipe, and while it is baking, make a nice pot of a mild-flavored tea.  Share the treats by the snowy windows and make plans for your snowman.

Soup and Hot Bread

Make a hearty soup and hot bread for dinner.  The smell of the soup simmering on the stove all day will be pleasant and make everyone look forward to a nice, warm dinner together.


Make Your Own Snowflakes

Make your own snowflakes out of paper, cookie cutters, or white pipecleaners,  This is great for younger children who can’t really tolerate being out to play in the snow.  Hang them in the windows to celebrate your special snow day.

Make Birdfeeders

Often birds return to our area before there is really a lot of foliage and fruit around for them to eat. It is fun to make small birdfeeders to add to the bushes and the fence in the spring, but making them on a snowy day is a great way to pass the time. You can find wooden ornaments on discount right after Christmas that are intended for children to paint, and cover them in peanut butter and birdseed. Hang them with twine or yarn.  You can make extras for Valentine’s gifts, especially if you make them in heart shapes.



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